Lawyers for Structured Settlements

Every workers' comp claim is unique, even if they involve workers who have suffered very similar injuries. It is important that you do not compare your claim to others' or assume that you will only receive a certain amount of benefits because of things you have heard. Talk to an attorney at our firm to get the facts straight and learn about your options for settlements.

Strong Law Offices has been representing injured workers throughout Illinois for years. Our firm has represented workers in many different professions and is committed to providing high-quality legal representation for clients. Our practice is entirely focused on representing the injured worker. We do not represent insurance companies or employers. We are committed to obtaining the highest workers' compensation settlement allowable under the law for our clients.

Attorneys for Structured Settlements in Workers' Comp Claims

In a structured settlement, you will get some money upfront and then some money in an annuity through the remainder of the time period for the benefits. Determining whether you should seek a lump-sum settlement or a structured settlement is something you should do with help from an experienced attorney at Strong Law Offices. Lump-sum settlements, structured settlements, annuity settlements and arbitration awards are all potentially available through the aggressive representation that our firm provides.

We are here to help explain the difference in types of settlements and protect your interests. Our lawyers will not try to get you to settle your claim for less than what it is worth, but fight to make sure that you get the maximum amount of workers' comp benefits.

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Please contact our team to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We can be reached online or by phone at 1-800-234-0090. We have convenient office locations in Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, and Decatur, Illinois. Our firm handles all workers' comp claims on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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