Study determines top causes of truck accidents


Study determines top causes of truck accidents

Each year, millions of commercial trucks travel throughout Illinois and the rest of the U.S. Unfortunately, many of those trucks become involved in serious truck accidents. Federal statistics show that truck crashes have been on the rise for years. Over the last decade, truck accidents have increased by 20 percent.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration partnered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to find out what causes the most commercial truck crashes. Their study, which examined data from 120,000 fatal truck accidents over a 33-month period, found that 56 percent of truck crashes were caused by truck driver error. It also found that nearly 75 percent of truck accidents involved one or more other vehicles.

According to the study, the top reason for trucker crashes was poor decision making. This included behaviors such as tailgating, speeding and misjudging the speeds of other vehicles. The second most common reason truck drivers crashed was due to distracted or inattentive driving. Third on the list was driver non-performance, including falling asleep or having a medical issue. The fourth most common reason was poor driver performance, which includes losing control of the truck, overcompensating while steering or panicking.

Victims of truck accidents often suffer catastrophic injuries that require months of extensive medical intervention. In order to recover their losses, some victims choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver and/or their trucking company. Typical damages paid out in truck accident lawsuits often include medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and property loss. Truck accident victims could begin the lawsuit process by scheduling a consultation with a personal injury lawyer.