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Texting while driving is reckless and dangerous, and can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents, injuries and death. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of texting while driving, it is important to contact a lawyer and learn more about your rights for seeking compensation for lost wages and medical expenses caused by the hand and fingers of someone irresponsible enough to be texting while driving.

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The Serious Dangers of Texting While Driving

Texting while driving has been analogized to driving under the influence of alcohol. State and federal governments have worked to curb texting and distracted driving by strengthening laws and funding safety awareness programs, but the behaviors remain prevalent on our roadways, especially as smartphone use increases, and drivers have the ability to access social media sites and mobile apps from either their cellphones or their smart car consoles.

New vehicles on the highways today have very smart electronic systems and consoles that allow drivers to access maps, emails, texting and even Internet browsing. These electronic functions oftentimes become a distraction to the driver even in the event that there are safety features that disable some or all of the electronic functions.

Texting while driving is a serious form of negligence and can oftentimes lead to very serious injuries. Drivers who text need to be held accountable, especially when their actions cause serious injuries to others.

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