The Impact of the going and coming rule


The Impact of the going and coming rule

Most Illinois employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits whenever they suffer a work-related injury. However, the definition of work-related may be rather broad. For instance, if someone is hurt at a company party or other function outside of the normal job site, that injury may be considered work-related. However, workers who are injured when they are commuting to or from work are usually not covered due to what is known as the going and coming rule.

There are several exceptions to the going and coming rule. One such exception applies to those who are asked to go on a mission by their employers such as buying the boss some coffee or walking his or her dog. Although the mission itself isn’t related to work, it is performed for the benefit of the employer. If a worker commutes to work in a company car, injuries incurred could be considered to be work-related in some states.

Those who drive to multiple job sites during the day may be covered under workers’ compensation laws. For instance, an IT professional who drives to multiple offices to serve his or her clients may be covered if an accident occurred while driving. Furthermore, anyone who is hurt while traveling to a conference may be covered even if the injury took place outside of the event that he or she was traveling to.

Individuals who suffer workplace injuries may be entitled to compensation to cover medical and other expenses while out of work. If an employer has denied a worker’s benefits claim, it may be advisable to have the assistance of an attorney at a subsequent appeals hearing.