The NHTSA and the drugged driving problem


The NHTSA and the drugged driving problem

Illinois motorists should be aware of the summit that is to be held by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to address the nationwide problem of driving while under the influence of drugs. The summit, which will be held on March 15, 2018, is intended to start a national discourse about the issue. In part due to the legalization of marijuana in some jurisdictions and the rampant use of opioids across the nation, the increase in motor vehicle accidents caused by drugged driving has created a sense of urgency.

The NHTSA is focusing on creating innovative solutions that can promote road safety and lower the incidences of deaths that result from motor vehicle accidents. It has has invited a number of stakeholders to join in creating a plan and taking action to combat drugged driving. Among those are criminal justice professionals, drug recognition experts, local and state elected officials, safety partners, policy and data specialists and toxicologists.

During the summit, the participants will examine the best methods for implementing DUID legislation and educating the public about the hazards associated with drugged driving. Also to be addressed at the summit are the collection of reliable data, the measuring and evaluation of the impairment levels of drivers and the tracking of DUID charges.

Car crashes caused by motorists who are impaired by drugs or alcohol can be devastating to occupants of other vehicles involved in the collision. Victims can often suffer catastrophic injuries that require expensive and lengthy medical care and treatment. An attorney can often be of assistance in seeking appropriate compensation on their behalf from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.