Tips to keep your family safe on Halloween


Tips to keep your family safe on Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, your child is probably already planning what costume to wear and where to stash the candy so little brother does not find it. Unfortunately, trick-or-treating, while often the highlight of the year, can be dangerous. This does not mean you should cancel your annual outing, but it does mean that some added precautions might be necessary.

There are several things you can do to keep your family safe this Halloween as they skip from door to door through your neighborhood. For some trick-or-treating safety tips, keep reading.


As with most things, a little bit of planning can go a long way. If you intend to trick-or-treat through your neighborhood, take a few moments to plan out a route. This will keep your group of ghosts and ghouls organized and help them avoid getting lost. It also gives you more control over avoiding streets that tend to have more vehicle traffic.

Leave the heels at home

If there was ever a time to wear comfortable shoes, it is on Halloween. Be sure you and your family are all wearing shoes that you can easily walk in. This means the heels, even low ones, should stay in the closet. Since you never know when you might have to dodge a distracted driver or a black cat, wearing sensible footwear is vital.

Keep it bright

If you can, add some reflective materials to everyone’s clothing. This will make your group of trick-or-treaters more visible to drivers and reduce the chances of an accident. Also, carry a flashlight so that you can keep the path well-lit for your little ones. The flashlight can also alert oncoming drivers of your presence.

Don’t let it drag

Be sure that long costumes are not so long that they drag on the ground. By keeping the hem of robes and skirts a few inches off the ground, you can keep your child from tripping over the fabric and possibly stumbling into the road.

Choose face paint over masks

Masks can very easily limit your children’s ability to see and breathe. If you can, ditch the mask and use face paint or theater make-up to complete your child’s costume.

Before you head out to fill up trick-or-treat bags this Halloween, be sure your family is properly prepared and clothed so that no one is injured by a distracted driver. By making just a few adjustments, you can have a safe and happy Halloween this year.