Treat every slip-and-fall accident seriously


Treat every slip-and-fall accident seriously

Slip-and-fall accidents are serious matters that must be treated accordingly. One thing that you have to remember is that these kinds of accidents can lead to devastating injuries, even though a “simple fall” might not sound too serious at first.

The way that a person’s body hits the ground in a fall — and that person’s age and health — has a lot to do with how injured they become. For example, people who are elderly often have fragile bones. Because their bones are so fragile, an elderly person is more likely to suffer broken bones in a simple fall than someone younger. A fall on a sidewalk might not hurt a healthy adult much — while an elderly person might suffer from a fractured hip, which is a devastating injury that can impair mobility and affect someone’s quality of life. Other serious injuries also often occur from ordinary falls. These can include brain injuries, spinal cord damage, sprains, strains and neck injuries.

Even instances where an injury is fairly simple can still have a negative impact on a person’s life for a long while. Many times, the victims in premises liability accidents will need extensive medical care. More serious injuries might require them to take time off work for quite some time. All of this can impact a victim’s finances negatively. After a fall, there are also emotional struggles that go along with the physical ones. The fear of falling again, for example, can cause someone to limit themselves in ways they never would have considered before.

When a property owner fails to maintain the premises in a way that’s reasonably safe and you fall as a result, you have every right to seek out more information about compensation for your injuries and losses. Our firm is here to help you learn more about how you can proceed.