Truck Accident Lawyers Seeking Maximum Compensation

When you have been in a motor vehicle accident involving a big rig or other large commercial truck, you want an attorney who understands the unique aspects of truck accident claims, including the regulations that govern the trucking industry.

If your accident occurred during the course of your employment, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits under Illinois law. There may also be third-party liability claims related to your truck accident — such as claims against tire or brake manufacturers, or other motorists.

Representing People Hurt in Commercial Trucking Accidents

At Strong Law Offices, we work with individuals who have been hurt in car-truck accidents involving all types of commercial carriers, including:

  • Semitrucks

  • Tractor-trailers

  • 18-wheelers

  • Big rigs

  • Step vans

  • Buses

  • Dump trucks

  • Garbage trucks

  • Car haulers

  • Flatbeds


Not Every Trucking Company Is Reputable

Some are here today, gone tomorrow. Or they are hard-to-find shadow corporations, requiring extensive research to locate. In some investigations, the driver may be from Texas, the truck may be titled in New York and the trailer in California — with the accident itself occurring here in Illinois. Finding the responsible party requires legwork and persistence.

Many times, trucking companies cut their driver loose, terminating him or her and hoping he or she disappears. Our research sometimes uncovers a criminal record, or previous serious accidents. Sometimes they are not even legal residents.

How We Investigate Serious Accidents

When we get a serious motor vehicle accident case, we go into action. We stop work and head out to the accident scene or the lot where the vehicles are kept. We are on our hands and knees, taking measurements, taking pictures by the hundreds. We may hire a videographer or conduct a formal accident reconstruction.

You might see us prowling an impound lot ... examining the burned rubber pattern on the highway ... or locating a car part that landed in a cornfield.

Other firms don't do these things, taking a lackadaisical attitude toward the gathering of evidence. We take it very seriously, and it accounts for our high rate of success.

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