Trucker fatigue is a serious problem on the road


Trucker fatigue is a serious problem on the road

Truck crashes can come from a host of causes, including the weather, road conditions and distracted truckers. In some cases, they are also due to truckers who are suffering from fatigue. This is a problem that encompasses more than just being overly tired.

The life of a trucker isn’t always predictable. They might have to drive odd hours or deal with frequent schedule changes. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to make your sleep schedule work with this type of lifestyle. Not getting enough sleep before the first shift they drive can start a trucker off on the wrong foot, especially if they lack sleep continues throughout their haul.

Other factors might also contribute to truckers feeling fatigued when they drive. Having to drive at night or getting started too early can lead to issues. Having to make hauls on a tight schedule might also cause stress, which can contribute to fatigue.

When they have to drive on very familiar roads or those that are mundane, fatigue can also set in. This might come in the form of highway hypnosis — especially if it is dark outside, and the lull of oncoming lights is causing them to zone out.

In some cases, there is a medical condition that leads to the problem. Being overweight or having diabetes might make a person more prone to feeling fatigued faster. Some sleep disorders can also do this. Any trucker who has a medical condition should ensure they have proper care for it so it doesn’t impact their ability to drive.

People who are injured in a wreck caused by a fatigued trucker might choose to seek compensation for the damages of the accident. If you or your loved one was the victim of a fatigued driver, find out more information about your options.