Types of damages to claim for car accident injuries


Types of damages to claim for car accident injuries

You do your best to stay safe while driving, but this isn’t always good enough to prevent an accident. There are times when another driver, such as someone who is not paying attention or drunk, causes a serious accident that results in injury or even death.

There are several types of damages you can claim in the event of car accident injuries. You don’t want to overlook any of them, as it’s critical to receive every bit of money that’s due to you during this difficult time in your life.

Here are the types of damages to seek:

  • Medical expenses: Even if you only suffer minor injuries, there’s a good chance you’ll still have medical expenses associated with treatment. This is even more so the case in the event of a serious injury, such as paralysis or a skull fracture. Medical expenses are often associated with ambulance fees, doctor bills, cost of treatment, in-home services and accessories to help with your recovery.
  • Pain and suffering: This includes any physical or mental distress associated with your accident. These damages are based on your prognosis, type of injury and the level of pain and suffering.
  • Lost wages: Depending on your injuries and profession, a car accident can result in lost wages. Some people are unable to work for a short period, while others find that they’re never able to return to their job. To seek compensation for lost wages, you must prove that your injuries impact your ability to earn money.
  • Loss of companionship: An uninjured spouse makes this type of claim, such as if your partner passed away as a result of their injuries.

If you are involved in a car accident, you hope that you’re able to drive away from the scene with nothing more than minor damage to your vehicle. This makes it easier to move on with your life.

However, if you do suffer injuries, don’t wait to receive treatment and to contact your Illinois insurance company. From there, you can learn more about the types of damages to claim for your injuries.

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