Illinois Utilization Review

When an injury prevents you from being able to return to work and you are unable to provide for yourself and your family, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. At our law firm, we provide strong advocacy for our clients at all times. We seek to get the best results in a workers' comp case and will stand up for your rights. Utilization review is a tool for insurance carriers to deny, delay and dispute access to necessary medical treatment prescribed by the doctor or health care provider chosen by the injured worker.

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Insurance carriers have the option to elect a process called utilization review for a workers' comp claim. This means that they can hire a doctor of their choosing, in any location, to render an opinion about an injured worker's compensation case or medical care prescribed by the injured worker's health care provider. This new provision also allows employers to hire doctors who have never seen the injured worker to review test results and examine materials provided by the insurance company.

These physicians oftentimes never see, examine or take a medical history from the injured worker. They are only given limited information upon which to deny the treatment or medical test being ordered by the worker's doctor. These reviewers oftentimes use nationalized ODG guidelines that are not used in Illinois-specific treatment. Also, the reviewers oftentimes are not even of the same specialty, nor do they have medical credentials equal to the worker's chosen treating doctor. Based on the physician's analysis, the insurance company can then try to deny access to medical care.

This new process is highly technical and is much in favor of the employer and the insurance company. Our lawyers have the skills and knowledge of the law to navigate around Illinois utilization review and will fight for our clients to be able to get access to care with a physician of their choosing. We fight to develop evidence-based medicine sufficient to support and prove the injured worker's claim. We aggressively demand strict cross-examination of these reviewers and point out the weaknesses and bias of their opinions in favor of insurance carriers.

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