VW Clean Diesel Emissions Control Defeat Device

The Scandal...What Is It?

  • Volkswagen has admitted to using a computer software program to evade emissions standards, and to give false emissions data for over 500,000 TDI diesel vehicles.

  • Affected vehicles' emission levels were EPA compliant ONLY during emission testing, but otherwise, were 10-40 times above compliance levels during use depending on driving circumstances (i.e., highway vs. city driving).

  • Vehicles were heavily marketed to consumers as "Clean Diesel," fuel-saving, and would minimize the consumer's environmental footprint and impact on the air we breathe. In fact, 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI and 2010 Audi A3 TDI both won "Green Car of the Year." These awards have both been rescinded since VW was caught cheating.

  • Consumers paid a premium price for the vehicles over traditional gas vehicles for added benefits of increased performance, increased fuel economy (mileage) and the "good for the environment" vibe.

  • Impacted Models: 
    2.0L TDI Volkswagen Jetta (2009 - 2015) 
    2.0L TDI Volkswagen Beetle (2012 - 2015) 
    2.0L TDI Volkswagen Golf (2010 - 2015) 
    2.0L TDI Volkswagen Passat (2012 - 2015) 
    3.0L TDI Volkswagen Touareg (2013 - 2016) 
    2.0L TDI Audi A3 (2010 - 2015) 
    3.0L TDI Audi A6 (2014 - 2016) 
    3.0L TDI Audi A7 (2014 - 2016) 
    3.0L TDI Audi A8/A8L (2014 - 2016) 
    3.0L TDI Audi Q5 (2014 - 2016) 
    3.0L TDI Audi Q7 (2013 - 2015) 
    3.0L TDI Porsche Cayenne (2014 - 2016)



How Does This Affect Me?

  • VW has NO FIX for the problem yet, and whatever the fix, it is likely to differ depending on which generation of engine the vehicle has, and what the regulations that apply to the engine generation are ... not one fix for all cars.

  • Software updates to your vehicle are likely to result in up to a 10-mile-per-gallon change in fuel efficiency ... meaning you won't be enjoying the same fuel economy you had when the emissions were disabled.

  • Similarly, the horsepower, torque and performance you enjoyed in your vehicle are likely to decrease noticeably once your vehicle's emissions controls are enabled full-time.

  • There are likely to be significant hardware changes to your vehicle as well, including new parts and components that will alter the car, and likely require scheduled maintenance much more often to service the vehicle's emissions parts. This means more out of pocket cost to you for maintaining your vehicle.

  • Depending on your area's emissions testing requirements, affected vehicles may be banned from being operated in the future.

  • Because of the scandal, there has been a drastic reduced trade-in value for the affected vehicles, and so many consumers have been unable to get rid of their affected vehicle.

  • The affected vehicles are putting out anywhere between 10-40 times the allowable levels of exhaust gases into the air we breathe.


What Can Strong Law Offices Do for Me?

  • This case is complex, with a lot of moving parts and involved parties.

  • One of the main problems is going to be calculating damages for affected consumers.

  • As an affected consumer, Strong Law Offices can assist you in making sure that your specific damages in this case are accounted for and that you aren't left out. Also, you can rest easy knowing that the experienced lawyers at Strong Law Offices will handle your case properly, and are on top of ALL the latest news that concerns your rights.

  • Strong Law Offices is accepting cases on behalf of affected Illinois consumers, and filing lawsuits to help those affected by this fraud to protect their rights.

  • Determining vehicle depreciation and diminished value IS going to be complex in this case, and our experienced attorneys will make sure that your rights and interests are protected. The possible fixes being talked about by VW will most likely diminish the car's worth.

  • Additionally, Strong Law Offices is exploring other areas of compensation for consumers who may not be able to use their vehicles any longer after the EPA changes its regulations due to VW's actions.

  • Strong Law Offices is also looking at other possible roads to recovery of punitive damages against Volkswagen due to the allegations of consumer fraud against it.

  • We are a local Illinois firm, and our attorneys will be there for you each step of the way to answer questions and keep you up to date. Unlike other firms, your case won't be shipped off to some distant attorney whom you can never reach.

  • There is never a fee at Strong Law unless we are successful in making a recovery for you.


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