What are some common slip-and-fall injuries?


What are some common slip-and-fall injuries?

You may think of slipping and falling as something that only happens to the elderly or to people who are walking on ice or snow in the winter. However, lots of slip-and-fall accidents happen in the spring and summer despite warmer temperatures.

One of the main causes of slip-and-fall accidents is water on slick tiles. Take, for example, the entrance of any major retailer. Most have rugs because if the flooring gets wet, it’s extremely slick. Combined with flip-flops, sandals or other summer shoes, there’s a higher likelihood of someone falling.

Why are slip-and-fall injuries so dangerous?

In a lot of cases, people who slip and fall can stop themselves from getting badly hurt. They may be able to catch themselves or could land in a way that isn’t damaging. However, those who can’t end up with broken bones, head injuries or other serious wounds.

When falling, those who slip backward may hit their heads or spines. For instance, someone who slips on a staircase could hit their spine and head on the way down. This can cause problems with the disks as well as brain injuries in serious cases.

If a person falls forward, they are likely to extend their arms to catch themselves. Younger people may escape unharmed, but the elderly and those who land incorrectly may end up with broken fingers, wrists or arms. They can still end up hitting their heads, too, leading to brain injuries.

Falls are serious, regardless of the time of year. If you fall, make sure you get immediate medical care.