What are the common causes of slip-and-fall accidents?


What are the common causes of slip-and-fall accidents?

It’s interesting that slip, trip and fall accidents happen as often as they do, because people, by nature, are fairly good at recognizing hazards and avoiding them. However, some are simply not as obvious, and they can lead to falls that cause injuries.

Slips and trips cause many injuries for people visiting friends, shops and even while at work. Regardless of where you are when you slip and fall or trip and fall, you should know the reasons that these accidents happen.

What are the common causes of slips?

Some of the common causes of slipping accidents include:

  • Oily or wet surfaces
  • Weather hazards
  • Unanchored rugs or mats
  • Flooring with uneven traction
  • Spills

What are the common causes of trips?

Some common causes of trips include:

  • Poor lighting
  • Uncovered cables
  • Uneven stairs or walking surfaces
  • Clutter
  • Wrinkled carpeting
  • The drawers of desks or furniture being left open

The good news about knowing the cause of slip, trip and fall accidents is that you can know what to look for to avoid them and take steps to prevent them.

What are some good ways to prevent falls?

One thing you can do is to make sure you wear footwear with traction. Slick soles can lead to falls, so try to get shoes with textured rubber soles.

Other ways to help prevent falls include:

  • Picking up obstacles if you see them in your path
  • Cleaning any spills made right away
  • Making sure walkways and other areas have good lighting

With some easy safety techniques, it’s possible to take steps to help prevent falls in the future.