What can you do to avoid slip-and-fall accidents at the pool?


What can you do to avoid slip-and-fall accidents at the pool?

Slip-and-fall accidents are often thought of as accidents that only happen in the winter, but they can easily happen in any season. When you’re around water, ice, snow or other slick materials, there’s a chance of falling.

One place that many people end up slipping and falling is at the pool. Pools typically have gritty floor coverings and textured tiles or cement to prevent that from happening, but falls can and do, still occur.

How can you prevent falls when you’re at a local pool?

Most pools have a set of rules posted, so remember that those are there to help you prevent injuries. One of the most common rules is to avoid running. If you run, there’s a greater risk of falling, which could potentially lead to drowning if you fall into the pool after hurting yourself.

Another good tip is to bring nonslip or no-skid shoes to the pool. Water shoes are designed to add texture and friction, so you have a low chance of slipping, even if the ground is slick.

Of course, there are times when the pool’s owner should be held responsible for your fall. If the area around the pool is slick or in poor repair, they should be blocking off the area or making repairs to keep it safe. If the owner knows about the risks and fails to make the area safe, then you may have a case. Your attorney can help by reviewing the information and letting you know your options. If you’re hurt, always seek medical help first and bring the documentation with you.