Worker falls, dies in fatal construction accident


Worker falls, dies in fatal construction accident

A construction worker died after falling to his death recently. The fatal accident occurred out of state on a recent Friday in January. When Illinois workers suffer serious injuries or, as in this case, a fatal injury in a construction accident, they or their dependents are entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim.

This tragic accident took place at the construction site of a future auto dealership. For reasons that currently remain unclear, the worker fell at the job site. It was not evident what activity the man was engaged in at the time of his fall or how far he plummeted.

He was rushed from the accident’s scene to a regional medical center in Arkansas, authorities say. Upon his arrival to the emergency room, he was pronounced dead due to the injuries he suffered in his fall. His body was then transported to the Arkansas medical examiner’s office the next day.

As a result of this tragic accident, the man’s dependents may be left wondering how they will provide for themselves or perhaps pay for his burial expenses. Fortunately, when a fatal construction accident occurs, Illinois families are legally entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim for occupational death benefits. These benefits result in financial compensation to make up for the deceased worker’s future wages; in addition, they can help dependents with the costs associated with their loved one’s death, such as burial expenses. Grieving family members typically choose to consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help in submitting this claim., “Man dies after fall at construction site“, David Hutter, Jan. 18, 2016