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    Injury Risk Is High in Peoria

    Recent reports indicate that the risk of becoming seriously injured or killed in Peoria, Illinois is unusually high for a city with a population of only approximately 113,500 people. In fact, the city was ranked 15th deadliest in the country according to a CBS study that was based on FBI data in 2019. The murder rate that year was 22.53 per 100,000 – one of the highest murder rates in the United States. While all types of murders were included in the study, gun violence topped the list.

    Murder isn’t the only type of incident that seriously injures or kills residents and visitors in the community, however. Peoria County also tied with McHenry County, ranking 10th most deadly for Illinois drivers. In 2018, there were 19 fatality crashes in the county and 2,486 motor vehicle accidents overall. In the city of Peoria, 18 people were involved in fatality crashes and 7 died in car accidents that year. Intersections that appear to have the most automobile accidents in Peoria are Knoxville and War Memorial, University and War Memorial, Sheridan Avenue, and Pioneer Parkway.

    About Peoria, Illinois

    Peoria is the largest city on the Illinois River, giving its downtown picturesque views that only a riverfront can provide. The Peoria RiverFront district is one of the state’s oldest urban areas, and is home to great restaurants, live entertainment, cultural centers and more. Popular local restaurants include Avanti’s, Childers, and Jim’s Steakhouse.

    The top employers in Peoria, Illinois are Caterpillar, OSF St. Francis Medical Center, UPH, PPSD, Liberty Steel & Wire. Other large manufacturers include: Komatsu, Morton Industries, G&D Integrated, and Cast Technologies.

    There are three hospitals located in Peoria, Illinois. These include OSF St. Francis Medical Center, UnityPoint Health Methodist Medical Center, and UnityPoint Health Proctor Hospital.

    Peoria is the county seat for Peoria County and is also home to the Peoria Chiefs. The Federal Court for the Central District of Illinois also resides in Peoria, Illinois.

    Known as the “River City”, Peoria acts as a waterway for many industrial and agricultural products shipped on the Illinois River. The hometown of comedian Richard Pryor, the city is also known for the slogan, “if it plays in Peoria.” This slogan originated during the vaudeville era, and reflects the belief that if a new show or product was successful in Peoria, it would be successful in other parts of the country.

    Peoria, Illinois can be accessed by Interstate 74. Other major highways to Peoria include Route 40 (Knoxville Avenue).

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