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What is the No. 1 cause of people getting hurt on the highway? Other people not paying attention. The driver of the other vehicle:

  • Was talking on the cell
  • Was texting*
  • Was changing stations on the radio
  • Was wolfing down a burger
  • Was drunk or on drugs
  • Was falling asleep at the wheel
  • Was listening to music on his headphones
  • Was having an argument with someone else
  • Did not properly maintain his car — non functioning brakes, tires, wipers, lights
  • Failed to signal his turn

*Note: Texting while driving is now illegal in Illinois. 

Check our blog article on the three types of distracted driving.

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Accidents with this general cause — distracted driving — are the most galling because the behavior of the other driver is so thoughtless and so disrespectful. Because the driver was goofing off, you were injured … you lost pay … you required surgery and rehab … your life underwent a severe change.

At Strong Law Offices, we fight “extra hard” for victims of other drivers’ bad behavior, because what happened to you can happen to anyone. As a society, we must teach other motorists that driving is a privilege, that other people have rights, and that the cost of negligence will be the most expensive lesson they ever learn.

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