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Our client was involved in a disputed liability motor vehicle accident occurring at an intersection in McDonough County, Illinois. An Illinois state trooper was alleged to have failed to yield the right of way of an intersection thereby causing a collision with the vehicle in which our client was a passenger. Our client was treated conservatively with chiropractic care and physical therapy and her family doctor, and was eventually referred to a spine specialist and received surgery on her neck. At the time of the accident, an Illinois State Trooper was engaged in ordinary patrol activities and was not in hot pursuit. As a result, the jury could consider the negligence standard rather than a willful and wanton misconduct standard which resulted in a very favorable jury instruction given to the jury on the part of the Strong Law Offices client.

Strong Law Offices called the plaintiff’s treating medical providers for live testimony in McDonough County. Strong Law Offices also called a vocational rehabilitation counselor that demonstrated that the plaintiff was permanently disabled from her position as a gas station store clerk. At the time this verdict was entered, it resulted in a record jury verdict for McDonough County, Illinois.

Strong Law Offices obtained a lifetime wage differential award for carpal tunnel. As quoted by an Illinois workers’ compensation commissioner in his dissent, “this was the first time in Illinois that this Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commissioner had seen a lifetime award for a carpal tunnel claim in his 50 years of experience.” At the time of this arbitration award was entered and affirmed by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, this award was the first time that wage differential benefits and lifetime medical benefits were awarded to an injured worker for bilateral carpal tunnel injury which resulted in permanent work restrictions. The injured worker was not able to return to his usual and customary line of employment as a delivery truck driver and was forced into an employment with a substantial impairment of earnings. As a result, the injured worker was awarded lifetime medical benefits for medical care and treatment related to his hands and also lifetime wage differential and/or wage loss benefits.

Our client received a head injury in a motor vehicle accident in Fulton County when his vehicle overturned on a state highway. He was helicoptered to a regional trauma center and received treatment for a subdural hematoma and received a full recovery according to his treating surgeon. This settlement was obtained for a migrant worker who immigrated to the United States from Brazil. His head injury resulted in a brain surgery where his life was saved by a neurosurgeon at a local hospital. The plaintiff regained substantially all of his physical abilities, but was left with some cognitive deficits which could only be substantiated by the retention of an expert neuropsychologist retained by Strong Law Offices. Strong Law Offices went to great lengths to prove plaintiff’s subjective complaints of short-term memory loss and cognitive deficits and problem-solving skills. By hiring a neuropsychologist, Strong Law Offices was able to prove and convince the insurance carrier of the substantial impairment and loss of ability to perform activities of daily living that the plaintiff could no longer perform.

This claim involved the disputed liability against a daycare center and local swimming pool wherein liability was highly contested, and the insurance carrier claimed contributory negligence. The above settlement was obtained on behalf of the Estate of a deceased child who drowned in a public swimming pool. Strong Law Offices faced the challenging standard of willful and wanton misconduct or a reckless disregard for the safety of the child at the time of his death. The local governmental entity also asserted a tort immunity defense and also a counterclaim was asserted against the parents who were overseeing the child at the swimming pool at the time of the child’s death. It was asserted by the swimming pool that the parents were negligent in overseeing their child. Strong Law Offices was able to convince a jury that the governmental entity inadequately and recklessly failed to adhere to the standard of conduct for reasonably qualified lifeguards and swimming pool attendants to obtain this successful outcome.

Our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle that was alleged to have remained parked on an interstate highway and subsequently rear-ended. Our client received chiropractic care and care for her low back injuries. This settlement was obtained on behalf of a passenger where a trucking company asserted that the vehicle in which the plaintiff was a passenger remained partially on the highway and obstructed the path of travel of the semi-tractor trailer driver. Accident scene investigators and experts were retained by Strong Law Offices to rebut the expert witnesses offered by the trucking company to establish the point of impact which was the highly contested liability. A successful settlement was obtained. The damages were heavily contested by the insurance carrier for the trucking company, who asserted that the soft tissue injuries suffered by the plaintiff did not warrant or merit a six-figure award.

Our client was a respiratory therapist who received an alleged exposure to MRSA in a hospital setting. The infection necessitated partial removal of the biceps tendon. Strong Law Offices represented a respiratory therapist who was exposed to MRSA. The infection started off in a small open wound that the injured worker had on his arm and the infection was caused to travel throughout the injured workers’ body which caused substantial emaciation of the nurse’s right arm, loss of range of motion of the right arm, and almost complete dysfunction of his right arm. The insurance carrier disputed that the infection was caused due to a workplace infection, but rather attributed the infection to unhygienic and unsanitary conditions which they allege that the injured worker lived in. Strong Law Offices successful defeated this defense and proved that there was a causal connection between the exposure to MRSA in a hospital setting and the severe and substantial injuries sustained by the respiratory therapist to his arm.

Our office received a policy limits tender of the homeowners’ insurance policy for an infant who was left in a baby crib with the blow dryer turned onto the baby resulting in scarring and disfigurement of the infant. Strong Law Offices represented the parents of a baby who was substantially burned in a baby crib when a blow dryer was turned onto the baby by the babysitter. The baby sustained substantial second degree burns throughout the baby’s body. A claim was brought under the parents’ own homeowner’s insurance policy against the retained babysitter in this case. Regretfully, $300,000.00 was the maximum recovery against the insurance carrier and they tendered and surrendered the policy limit once the lawsuit was filed in the local jurisdiction.

Our client was an employee who received an aggravation of a pre-existing condition. This client’s third back injury resulted in alleged permanent and total disability. Strong Law Offices represented an injured worker at a grocery store who sustained a back injury. Strong Law Offices’ client was retired from his primary occupation as a construction worker and took a part-time job working in the grocery store when he lifted a crate of oranges and sustained an aggravation of a preexisting condition resulting in a permanent and total disability settlement for the injured worker. The injured worker was 75 years of age, but was still physically fit enough to work in a part-time position at the grocery store until he sustained an aggravation of his preexisting condition. The injured worker was able to then obtain palliative medical care to alleviate his symptomatology that he was experiencing in his back and radiating pain into his extremities.

Our client was a teenager who was participating in bonfire activities on a country farm setting. The bonfire got out of hand and resulted in burn injuries to our client. This was an alleged negligence claim against a tenant in a farmhouse alleged to have negligently attended to the bonfire. Strong Law Offices represented a teenager who was severely burned in bonfire activities. The farmer came out and through gasoline onto an outdoor bonfire which caused an explosion setting the teenager’s clothing on fire. Strong Law Offices’ client sustained severe second-degree burns throughout his body and partial third-degree burns. The insurance carrier alleged that the teenager was contributorily negligent and filed an affirmative defense of comparative fault blaming the teenager for engaging in “horseplay activities” with the farmer’s son. Strong Law Offices was able to obtain a successful outcome and settlement on behalf of the teenager who was burned.

Our client received neck and back injuries and an aggravation of a pre-existing condition. The proximate cause of our client’s injuries was highly contested by the insurance carrier. This was an arbitration award in downstate Illinois. The employer and its workers’ compensation insurance carrier disputed that the injured worker sustained an accident in the work place. They also disputed that the injured worker gave notice to his supervisor that he was injured. Strong Law Offices was able to successfully prove that the injured worker was injured at work and sustained a work-related accident. Strong Law Offices issued subpoenas to the various medical providers and witnesses. The medical records corroborated the work accident as described by the injured worker. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission found the injured worker to be credible and, therefore, Strong Law Offices was able to obtain a successful recovery.

This was an injured employee who sustained a head injury on a loading dock as a result of a forklift accident. The petitioner alleged permanent total disability and wage loss. The injured worker sustained a closed head injury resulting in post-concussion syndrome. His EEG was negative. There were no fractures and the MRI was inconclusive. Strong Law Offices was able to establish psychological and psychiatric disabilities resulting from a closed head injury resulting in a compromise of a total permanent disability award. The injured worker was also awarded six years of back pay that had been contested by the insurance carrier.

Our client received low back injuries that necessitated surgical intervention. The petitioner was a member of a local labor union and was injured during the course of his employment.

Our client was a retail clerk at a local gas station who was injured while placing placards for gas price signs on the outdoor sign when she slipped and fell and needed a spinal cord stimulator.

Our client was an employee of a worldwide manufacturer who suffered back injuries that necessitated low back surgery by a local physician.

Our client had a low average weekly wage and ended up with a back surgery from a work-related injury. Strong Law Offices was able to obtain a very large award for an injured worker despite working for minimum wages. Settlement calculations are oftentimes based on the wages that the injured worker was making at the time of the accident. This Strong Law Offices client was working part-time for minimum wage, but, given the devastating nature of his back injury and multiple back surgeries, Strong Law Offices was able to obtain the maximum settlement for his work injury.

Our client was a minor child who was thrown from a horse while participating in recreational activities. She received a fracture to her arm. Strong Law Offices represented a minor child who was involved in a horseback riding accident. The insurance carrier for the owner of the horse asserted a legal defense under the Equine Liability Act. Strong Law Offices was able to obtain expert testimony to establish that the bridle and saddle of the horse was improperly fitted onto the horse which caused the horse to be disruptive and buck the minor child who sustained a fracture to her arm necessitating surgical intervention and a permanent defect in her elbow.

Our client was a truck driver who rear-ended another vehicle and was found to have been at fault for the injury. However our office showed that the injury occurred in the course of his employment, and our client was entitled to payment of all medical bills, three years of lost wages and $245,000.00 for his shoulder injuries. Strong Law Offices represented a truck driver who sustained a severe arm injury resulting in three surgical corrections. The injured truck driver received three years of back pay and also a lifetime medical benefits award in order to obtain a shoulder replacement at some time in the future. He was awarded permanent partial disability based on a loss of occupation and/or loss of trade.

Our client was a millwright who was injured while working on a furnace at a local university. Our client was able to return to work. All medical bills were paid in addition to the settlement.

Our client was a union carpenter who received neck injuries, and was awarded permanent and total disability benefits for the remainder of his life and lifetime medical benefits.

Our client was a worker at a local hospital and sustained injuries while performing janitor and custodial activities to his low back. He received a lifetime wage loss award and lifetime medical benefits award.

Our client was a structural steel and structural iron worker working on a power plant wherein he injured his hand, thumb and low back. Our client underwent surgical intervention on his low back and was found to be permanently and totally disabled and required a lifetime medical benefits award as well.

Our client was a worker for the state of Illinois working on a road construction/paving project wherein he sustained neck and back injuries. Our client was found to have been permanently and totally disabled and required lifetime medical benefits. Our client was a very young person at the time of his work related accident.

Our client was a dispatcher for a state law enforcement agency. She obtained carpal and cubital tunnel that necessitated surgery and had further complications. She was awarded a lifetime wage loss and lifetime medical benefits award.

Our office represented a client who was an administrative office worker who sustained carpal and cubital tunnel injuries necessitating surgical intervention. She had postoperative complications that disabled her from returning to her previous work activities. Our client underwent an extensive job search and was unable to find work that accommodated her permanent work restrictions or limitations. She was adjudicated to be permanently and totally disabled and received lifetime benefits.

Our client was a worker at a local factory refining parts and was exposed to heavy vibratory chipping and grinding. Our client was medically referred for shoulder surgery and was disabled from returning to his previous occupation as a chipper/grinder. Our client was only able to locate work at minimum wage. Our client received a lifetime wage differential benefit award for a shoulder injury requiring the insurance carrier to pay the difference of wages between his previous occupation and his minimum wage job for the remainder of the client’s life.

Our client was a laborer on a local road construction project who sustained a re-injury of a pre-existing low back condition. He was referred for surgery. He was awarded medical benefits, lost wage and eventually settled for a lump sum buyout of his future wage loss.

Our client was a factory worker exposed to vibratory equipment who received carpal tunnel. Our client was initially assessed as being disabled from returning to his work as a chipper/grinder. Our client elected to receive a lump sum award and then was medically cleared to return to the workplace.

OB-GYN negligently failed to order a C-section in a timely manner resulting in death of an infant.