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Use care when walking on ice and snow this winter

Walking around during the winter months in Illinois can be difficult. You have to deal with snowy conditions that can make it easy to slip and fall. While sidewalks and paths are usually shoveled and salted, it is necessary to ensure that you are prepared for walking around in wintry weather, even if you are only going from your vehicle into a store.

Before you leave home, make sure you have on the right shoes. Wearing flat shoes that have some sort of grip can help. Some people need heels for work or social events. If this is the case, bring them with you, but don't try to walk on a snowy or icy surface with them.

Illinois crash kills 48-year-old pedestrian

A 48-year-old Decatur, Illinois, a man was killed as a result of being hit by a pickup truck as he stood on a sidewalk.

Officers responded to the accident at East Eldorado and North 24th streets and found the driver of the truck was a 55-year-old Decatur man. He had reportedly lost control of the truck, which left the roadway and wound up going through the yards on East Eldorado Street before striking the man.

Have you suffered a brain injury?

Brain injuries can occur when you least expect it, resulting from a severe blow to the head or body. Unlike other severe injuries that are caused by blunt-force trauma, brain injuries may take time to surface. If you were involved in an accident, it is important to understand the causes of brain injuries as well as the symptoms to be aware of.

Leading causes of traumatic brain injuries

Study shows medical device managers delay recalls

A recent behavioral study gives important insight into how the voluntary recall process works. The study found that medical device firm managers let physicians identify defects in their product, rather than issuing a voluntary recall when they suspect a problem. Indiana University and the University of Minnesota jointly conducted the research.

Trucking company hopes to avoid distracted driving crashes

In Peoria, we are very familiar with the sounds and sights of 18-wheelers both roaring by and slowing down to drop off or pick up goods. Everyone who has driven on Interstate 74 knows that the biggest vehicles on the road are also the heaviest and most difficult to maneuver and stop.

Most truck drivers safely steer their big rigs without problems, but there are also exceptions to that rule: truckers who cause accidents, injuries and fatalities. Law enforcement officials, safety organizations and researchers all say that distracted driving is a growing problem among truckers.

Five schoolkids killed in three days by distracted drivers

The news of the deaths of young children jolted the nation, though it is difficult to know if that jolt of awareness will last or if it will be soon forgotten. Illinois news outlets reported the jarring news of the tragic deaths of five schoolkids and serious injuries to others in a series of distracted driving crashes across the nation.

The crashes stretched from Indiana to Florida and from Mississippi to Pennsylvania, drawing attention to the dangers distracted drivers pose to the youngest members of society.

Disfigurement changes lives, but it's possible to start again

Living with a disfigurement is not easy, especially when it's your face. When you were involved in a car crash, your air bags didn't deploy. You didn't think there would be any negative consequences, but what happened was that the bones in your face were shattered. Your face had to be rebuilt.

Even though your disfigurement isn't shocking to people who know you, you know that it can hurt your chances of getting jobs or interacting with new people. You're at a loss for what to do, other than continuing to go through surgeries to repair the damage.

Negligence is a common cause of motor vehicle accidents

Negligence takes many forms, from a person who doesn't turn off a hot stove and forgets to tell others to those who drive while intoxicated. Negligence is a negative in every case, but many people get lucky since their actions don't end up affecting others. However, some people are negligent and find that their carelessness has serious consequences.

One of the worst times to be negligent, either through distractions or other means, is while driving. If you're a victim of a car crash, then you may have encountered a negligent driver.

Burn injuries: What to expect

As a victim of a burn injury, it's important that you know what's coming next. Your health and safety in the future requires that you fully understand the severity of your injuries and how they've affected your body.

In 2016, there were a reported 40,000 hospitalizations related to burn injuries in the United States. At least 30,000 resulted in stays at hospital burn centers. These facilities are designed to treat those with acute injuries.

Rotator-cuff injuries: What to know when your shoulder is injured

While it's not always the most serious of injuries, an injury to the rotator cuff can be life-altering. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that help you rotate and move your shoulder joint. When any of these are injured, you may feel pain or have weakness that makes it impossible to use your arm normally.

The point of the rotator-cuff muscles and tendons is to keep the head of the upper arm bone in the shoulder socket. If these tendons or muscles are damaged in any way, there is the potential for the head of the bone to pop out of place or to become misaligned.

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