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16-year-old girl killed in Illinois hit-and-run crash

An Illinois family is mourning the loss of a 16-year-old girl, killed when the car she was driving with three passengers inside was struck by a car traveling in the wrong direction.

Her passengers also suffered injuries and were hospitalized.

What's the best way to avoid a truck crash?

Imagine driving on the highway. You're minding your own business, staying in your lane and obeying the speed limit. You're not looking to start trouble, and you want to get where you're going safely.

Now, imagine that you're boxed in by several large trucks. You might speed up to try to get around them or quickly slow down to avoid being alongside the trucks. If you're in every truck's blind zone, you could end up in a crash.

Which works faster, salt or calcium chloride?

You walk down the sidewalk in front of a local fast food joint. As you turn the corner to head up toward the door, you slip and fall on the ice. There's been a cold spell in Illinois, and it seems like everything is frozen.

Unfortunately, you hit your head on the sidewalk as you go down. When you come to, employees from the restaurant are surrounding you, and you can hear an ambulance coming down the road. One of the employees says that they thought the ice would have melted by now. Clearly, that wasn't the case.

Woman convicted for fatal DUI crash

Imagine having a mechanical problem with your vehicle. Perhaps it's overheating or maybe the oil light came on. Whatever the problem is, you pull over to the side of the road and put on your hazard lights. You don't think anyone will have a problem seeing you, so you sit back and relax, waiting for help to arrive.

Unfortunately, in a similar case, a woman was killed when she was rear-ended. Now, a woman from Dunlap has been convicted of a DUI for a fatal accident that she caused in 2017. According to the news report, the woman could go to prison for up to 14 years as a result of her actions.

Hit by a distracted driver? Think about your legal claim

Distracted drivers make the choice to put themselves and others in danger. There isn't any reason for them to pay attention to other things going on around them. They simply aren't using their discipline and focus to do what needs to be done at the time, which is driving. People who are injured in these crashes might be angry that they have to suffer so much because of something so preventable.

When you are struck by a distracted driver, one important thing to remember is that you can't ever make it seem like you are taking responsibility for the crash. Instead, make sure that you think about how the statements you make might be taken. Something as simple as saying that you're sorry that someone was injured in the crash can be thought of as an admission of liability.

A concussion in a car accident requires immediate attention

A car accident can cause a variety of injuries, most of which require immediate medical attention. A concussion, for example, is one of the most common, as you could strike your head even in a low-speed collision.

If you have any reason to suspect a concussion, even if you only have minor symptoms, it's important to receive a professional diagnosis.

Truck drivers: A changing routine can help mental fitness on road

No one ever said being a commercial truck driver is easy.

There's all that time on the road, all that time away from family, all those fast-food meals devoured as drivers sit in the cab of their rig. Drivers often sleep in the truck alongside the road.

Peoria looks for ways to boost fire department's budget amid cuts

When you travel out of town, you know that you'll have a risk of being involved in a crash while away from home. If someone comes into Peoria and causes a crash, then they could be held to higher standards than residents, according to news about a potential new ordinance.

The Peoria City Council plans to review an ordinance that would charge travelers who are not Peoria residents for services provided by the fire department when it comes to the scene of a crash. The city's goal is to raise $200,000 with these fees, which would help support the fire department while it faces budget cuts.

Bruising can be a sign of more significant injuries

When you're in a crash, you might not think much about bruising that you find on your body. After all, bruising is fairly common, especially when your body has been hit or impacted.

The truth is that there are some times when these injuries, which are often perceived as minor, are actually signs of significant problems that need attention from a medical provider.

Causes of a semitruck crash are important for compensation claims

Semitruck crashes often lead to claims for compensation. One of the points that comes into the picture in the case is the cause of the wreck. Determining this single factor can prove to be beneficial because it can establish fault.

There are several reasons why a semitruck accident might occur. While some of these are the fault of the trucker, there are other causes that are also possible. Looking at the evidence in the crash, e.g., the trucker's activity log, might help determine the cause.

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