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Georgia teenager dies 2 weeks after crash that killed her mother

A 14-year-old Georgia girl died recently from injuries suffered in a car crash, two weeks after her mother died in the same incident.

The girl passed away at Memorial Health University Medical center, the Liberty County coroner reported.

What can you do to avoid slip-and-fall accidents at the pool?

Slip-and-fall accidents are often thought of as accidents that only happen in the winter, but they can easily happen in any season. When you're around water, ice, snow or other slick materials, there's a chance of falling.

One place that many people end up slipping and falling is at the pool. Pools typically have gritty floor coverings and textured tiles or cement to prevent that from happening, but falls can, and do, still occur.

How to spot -- and avoid -- unsafe drivers

The dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are well-known and much talked about. However, driving while drowsy or distracted can be just as dangerous. Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are not to be guilty of those things, we share the road with people who are.

The best we can do is stay as far away as possible from people who are driving under the influence, haven't gotten enough sleep or are distracted by their phone, a snack, others in their vehicle or their own problems. While we can't know what condition the drivers around us are in, if we pay attention, we can spot unsafe behaviors that indicate that a driver is in less-than-optimal driving condition. These include:

  • Driving too fast or too slowly
  • Repeatedly changing lanes -- usually without signaling
  • Wandering out of their lane
  • Staying at a stop sign or light for too long

Illinois woman killed when Uber car hit by alleged drunk driver

A man has been arrested on numerous charges in Will County, Illinois, after a 23-year-old woman died while trapped inside a burning Uber car.

The woman was riding in the Uber car, which was a Hyundai sedan, on the Stevenson Expressway when an Infiniti being driven by a 22-year-old man crashed into the Hyundai.

What are some common slip-and-fall injuries?

You may think of slipping and falling as something that only happens to the elderly or to people who are walking on ice or snow in the winter. However, lots of slip-and-fall accidents happen in the spring and summer despite warmer temperatures.

One of the main causes of slip-and-fall accidents is water on slick tiles. Take, for example, the entrance of any major retailer. Most have rugs because if the flooring gets wet, it's extremely slick. Combined with flip-flops, sandals or other summer shoes, there's a higher likelihood of someone falling.

Important tips for safely sharing the road with trucks and buses

Motorists who are involved in crashes with large trucks and buses often suffer severe and even fatal injuries due to their sheer size and weight (and sometimes their contents, which can be toxic or flammable). Because the drivers of these vehicles often have less visibility and maneuverability than other motorists, they often aren't able to respond to unforeseen circumstances in time to avoid a crash.

That's why it's essential to be particularly cautious when you encounter trucks and buses on the road. Following are a few crucial things that motorists can do to minimize their chances of a crash:

Injuries to the spine can lead to major life changes

A person involved in a motor vehicle accident can suffer from a variety of injuries. One of the more serious is a spinal cord injury. Damage to this area of the body can lead to catastrophic impacts like paralysis. For the individuals who have to deal with the life-changing effects, adjusting to the new way of life can be challenging.

Life after a spinal cord injury in Illinois can be costly, not only because of the medical care expenses but also due to the personal care assistance that you might need. The exact way that this affects you depends on the type and location of the injury.

The physical and financial cost of car accidents in Illinois

The losses because of car accidents in Illinois and the rest of the United States are immense. According to the Washington, D.C.-based Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), more than 37,000 people in the U.S. die in car accidents each year, with more than 1,600 kids under age 15 getting killed. An additional 2.35 million people get injured or become disabled from collisions.

Financially, vehicle crashes result in about $231 billion in losses each year, averaging $820 per person.

Types of damages to claim for car accident injuries

You do your best to stay safe while driving, but this isn't always good enough to prevent an accident. There are times when another driver, such as someone who is not paying attention or drunk, causes a serious accident that results in injury or even death.

There are several types of damages you can claim in the event of car accident injuries. You don't want to overlook any of them, as it's critical to receive every bit of money that's due to you during this difficult time in your life.

You can lessen your risk of a crash with a truck

Large trucks are a common sight on Illinois interstates and other roads. Many of us, nonetheless, get a little nervous when we see a large tractor-trailer or semitruck in front or back of us or in an adjoining lane. Has the driver had enough sleep? Have they been drinking? Has the truck been serviced recently? These concerns are valid because a crash with a truck can result in serious injuries for people in cars.

There are some precautions we can all take to minimize the risk of being involved in a crash with a truck:

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