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Leg and yellow helmet of injured lying worker at work. What happens if a worker dies on the job, workplace death.
29 Mar, 2024

What Happens If A Worker Dies On The Job

What Is the Workers' Compensation Act in Illinois? The Workers’ Compensation Act in Illinois offers benefits to injured workers or families of workers killed on the job. An injured worker or surviving beneficiary of a deceased worker can submit a claim to the IWCC, an agency that handles all workers’...

Young woman with neck injury filling documents. What if a third party is responsible for my workplace injury.
29 Mar, 2024

What if a Third Party Is Responsible for My Workplace Injury in Peoria, Illinois?

What Is Third-Party Liability for Workplace Injuries? Third-party liability for workplace injuries refers to situations where someone other than your employer is responsible for the accident that caused your injury. While workers' compensation is the primary system for obtaining benefits after a work-related injury in Illinois, there are circumstances where...

Male doctor explaining lumbar anatomy to female patient complaining of back pain. How long does workers' comp last.
29 Mar, 2024

How Long Does Workers’ Comp Last in Bloomington

What You Should Know About Workers’ Comp In Illinois, most employers must maintain workers' compensation insurance. Under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, employees must be insured from the moment they are hired. There is no required waiting period for coverage. If you're injured on the job or contract an occupational...

Man injured sitting on the floor being helped by a woman co-worker. Can I sue my employer for a workplace injury.
29 Mar, 2024

Can I Sue My Employer for a Workplace Injury in Bloomington, IL?

What Is the Exclusive Remedy Rule? The exclusive remedy rule is a principle in workers' compensation law that limits an employee's options for seeking compensation after a work-related injury. In most cases, the rule prevents injured workers from suing their employers. It aims to streamline the process and create a...

Smart factory worker or engineer do machine job in a manufacturing workshop.
28 Feb, 2024

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Mental Health?

Mental Health in the Workplace Mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, or stress, are becoming common in the workplace. These conditions can impact your productivity, relationships with colleagues, and overall wellness. However, more people are starting to talk openly about mental health in the workplace. Many companies recognize the importance...

A Businessperson's hand giving cheque to customer. Should I settle my workers' comp case.
28 Feb, 2024

Should I Settle My Workers’ Comp Case?

Workers' Compensation in Illinois Workers’ compensation insurance in Illinois offers benefits to workers who get injured or contract an occupational illness while performing their work duties. How does workers' comp work? The insurance covers the injured worker's medical costs and replaces a fixed percentage of the victim's lost wages. Injuries...

Close up shot of metallurgy worker's hands doing metal works.
28 Feb, 2024

How Is the Amount of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Determined in Bloomington, IL?

What Factors Impact Your Workers' Compensation Benefits in Bloomington, IL? The factors that affect the amount of workers' compensation benefits include: Severity of Your Injury or Illness Severe workplace injuries have higher benefits. A fair settlement should consider expenses already incurred, lost income, and compensation for non-economic damages. The more...

Woman worker feeling pain in ankle after work accident.
28 Feb, 2024

Is There a Time Limit for Reporting a Workplace Injury in Bloomington?

Statistics on Workplace Injuries in Illinois In 2022, private industry employers in Illinois reported 112,500 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses. Of these cases, 73,500 were serious and required time off work, job transfer, or restriction, known as DART cases. This resulted in a rate of 1.8 cases per 100 full-time...

Handicapped woman with sling signing contract.
28 Feb, 2024

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Comp Benefits in Illinois?

What Is the Eligibility Criteria for Workers' Comp Benefits in Illinois? With few exceptions, employers with at least one worker must carry this coverage for full- and part-time employees, minors, and temporary workers. In Illinois, to qualify for workers' comp benefits, you must: Be an employee (includes part-time and minors)....

Parts warehouse aisle of of manufacturing company. Preventing warehouse injuries
29 Dec, 2023

Preventing Warehouse Injuries in Bloomington, IL

Common Warehouse Injuries Injuries and accidents are common in most workplaces, but they occur more frequently in warehouses. Some typical injuries include: Manual Handling Injuries Manual handling involves transporting or supporting a load using bodily force like lifting or pushing. It's responsible for over 30% of workplace injuries, including work-related...

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