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are personal injury settlements taxable
21 Mar, 2022

Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable?

Typically, you do not have to pay taxes on settlements in personal injury cases. Anyone who expects to recover an award in a personal injury lawsuit should determine whether their settlement is taxable. They do not want to discover they owe taxes after spending the settlement money. They can consult a...

chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit
10 Mar, 2022

Chances of Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Factors that can impact your chances of winning your personal injury case include the circumstances of the accident, the law of the state in which the accident occurred, and whether you hire an attorney. States have differing laws about personal injury claims, so speaking with an attorney in your area...

what is a good settlement offer
10 Feb, 2022

What Is a Good Settlement Offer in a Personal Injury Case?

A good settlement offer will typically be an offer that makes the injured party whole. Such an offer would likely contain an admission of some sort by the at-fault party that his or her actions resulted in the injured party’s injuries. Likewise, the offer will generally seek to compensate the...

when is a birth injury medical malpractice
21 Jan, 2022

When Is a Birth Injury Caused By Medical Malpractice?

When an infant is injured during labor and delivery due to the negligent actions of the attending healthcare provider, medical malpractice occurs. Birth injuries caused by medical malpractice can have severe consequences for both mother and child. Parents who suspect their, or their children's, the birth injury was the result...

Assault Victim Lawyer Todd Strong
14 Jan, 2022

Do You Need An Assault Victim Lawyer?

Experienced Assault Attorneys Are Here For You Even after you have recovered from your physical injuries, your psychological pain can continue. You may experience fear and dread at unexpected times. The scope of your activities may be restricted because you choose to avoid certain locations or situations. You may suffer...

Questions to Expect in a Slip and Fall Case
10 Jan, 2022

Questions to Expect in a Slip and Fall Case

What kind of questions to expect in a slip and fall case? ​Where did you fall?When did you fall?How did you fall?How did you land and which body parts were injured?On whose property did you fall?What is the exact location of the fall?Were you able to obtain pictures of the...

Illinois Health Care Services Lien Act
4 Jan, 2022

Illinois Health Care Services Lien Act

Calculating liens Pursuant to Health Care Services Lien Act In a case where there is only one lien, the lien holder becomes entitled to up to one-third of the settlement. In the case of multiple lien holders, the maximum amount of money all lien holders who have asserted a lien...

From Demand to Trial
2 Jan, 2022

Steps in a Personal Injury Case

What Are the Steps in a Personal Injury Case? Here are the steps in a personal injury case. Step One: Submitting a Demand Once a demand is submitted more likely than not if liability on behalf of the person causing the injury aka Defendant is clear, an offer will be...

Why You Need a Fall Injury Lawyer
2 Jan, 2022

Why You Need a Fall Injury Lawyer

When to Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Fall Defective equipment, such as a ladder, can cause serious injuries if a person's weight is not able to be supported while working at heights. Even falls from small heights such as one or two feet can cause serious ankle or...

18 Dec, 2021

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Death Claims

Illinois Death and Dependency Claims We take a highly personalized approach to working with families in workers' comp death and dependency claims. Our attorneys will explain all steps of the process of obtaining benefits and be there to provide the support and guidance you need. ​In dependency claims, we will...

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