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Furious dog staring. Dog bite liability.
29 Mar, 2024

Belleville Animal Attack Underscores the Importance of Dog Bite Liability

Common Dog Bite Injuries Dog bites can result in a variety of injuries, ranging from minor to severe. Some of the most common injuries include: Puncture Wounds: Dog teeth can cause puncture wounds, which can be deep and may lead to infection if not properly treated. Lacerations: Dog bites can...

Bicycle accident with helmet on the ground with leaves and stones.
28 Feb, 2024

City Not Liable When Potholes Cause Personal Injuries to Chicago Cyclists

Supreme Court Denies Pothole Claim When you hit a pothole, your bicycle may tumble, leaving you feeling the sting of subsequent injuries. This is what a Chicago cyclist experienced back in 2019. The aftermath landed him in a legal battle that involved personal injury lawyers trying to hold the city...

7 Jul, 2023

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bloomington

Knowing when to hire a personal injury lawyer in Bloomington, Illinois, can make all the difference in winning an accident injury case and recovering the maximum compensation. As a result of car accidents, slips-and-falls, dog bites, exposure to hazardous conditions, and other incidents caused by the negligence of others, people...

Healthcare consultation, insurance and paperwork for medical aid. Concept of NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit
23 Jun, 2023

Nec Baby Formula Lawsuit

You can file a lawsuit in Peoria, Illinois if your child develops complications after consuming baby formula made from cow-based milk. Filing an NEC baby formula lawsuit is the path hundreds of parents have used to seek justice. This lawsuit compels a manufacturer to compensate for the personal injuries caused...

Asian senior male falling on the ground. Concept of common slip and fall injuries
20 Jun, 2023

10 Common Slip and Fall Injuries in Bloomington

What Is a Slip and Fall Injury? A slip-and-fall injury happens when you lose your footing and fall while walking on someone else's property. It can result from losing traction, tripping, or anything else.  Negligence by property owners contributes to a huge chunk of slip and fall accidents. You can...

Statue of lady justice with scales. Concept of types of defective product cases
9 Jun, 2023

Types of Defective Product Cases

How Does a Product Qualify for a Product Liability Claim? Product liability is the legal responsibility of any or all parties in a product’s chain of distribution to compensate victims for the injuries they cause. Product liability claims arise when product defects harm consumers. For you to file a successful...

defective product signs. concept of medical device distributors defective products
6 Jun, 2023

When Are Medical Device Distributors Liable for Product Defects?

What Are Medical Devices? A medical device is any instrument, apparatus, machine, implant, device, machine, or monitor that a medical practitioner uses to address an injury, illness, or disease. Below are examples of medical devices that can cause injury. Pacemakers These are small electronic devices that are implanted in a...

night car ride by car equipped with Head-up display
25 May, 2023

Did Aftermarket Modifications Cause Your Accident?

What Are Aftermarket Car Parts? Aftermarket car parts are parts used to replace damaged or broken parts when repairing a vehicle. If you take your vehicle to be repaired at the dealership, they will use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to replace any damaged or broken parts. If you take...

lawyer giving free answers to legal questions to a client
5 May, 2023

How to Get Free Answers to Legal Questions

How to Find a Lawyer in Bloomington If you have a legal problem that seems costly or complicated, you should have it handled with the help of a lawyer. Part of a lawyer's responsibilities involves dispensing legal information. You may also need an attorney for strategic advice on any legal issue....

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