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Our medical malpractice blog articles provide invaluable information to victims who have been injured at the hands of healthcare professionals.

Statue of Justice and lawyer working on a laptop. Concept of transvaginal mesh lawsuit
16 Jun, 2023

Who Can File a Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit?

You may be eligible to file a lawsuit if you or a loved one has suffered injuries from transvaginal mesh within the last few years. Transvaginal mesh implants were intended to be a solution to several women’s health issues. Unfortunately, thousands of women have suffered serious complications linked to the implants....

dictionary definitions of negligence and malpractice
7 Apr, 2023

Negligence vs Malpractice in Radiology

The difference between malpractice and negligence in radiology is primarily based on the nature of the medical error and the healthcare professional’s awareness or intent.  When medical errors occur, the question negligence vs malpractice in radiology is often considered in injury lawsuits filed by misdiagnosed patients. Radiologists are responsible for...

Wooden judge gavel and stethoscope on table, malpractice concept
6 Apr, 2023

What Are the Types of Damages for Medical Malpractice Cases?

A medical malpractice case allows you to recover economic and non-economic damages for losses arising from a medical professional’s error or negligence. Punitive damages may also apply to your case in some instances. Multiple variables, including the type and severity of your injury, usually impact how much your case is...

a doctor with hands on his head and looked depressed
31 Mar, 2023

Tired Doctors Cause Patient Injuries in Bloomington

Doctor fatigue is a term used for a work-related syndrome that medical professionals suffer from. While fatigue is not unique to any one occupation in particular, if the job involves high-stress levels and potentially extreme interactions with people, then the likelihood of fatigue is even higher. A tired doctor has...

ns and Fines Depressed senior man sitting on bench
3 Mar, 2023

How Do You Report Abuse in a Nursing Home?

To report abuse in a nursing home, you will first file a complaint with the Illinois Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. Next, you will file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Public Health. Once complaints are filed, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to ensure your loved one’s rights are...

stethoscope, needle shape and medicine with the word Misdiagnosis
12 Jan, 2023

Can Parents File an RSV Misdiagnosis Lawsuit?

If your child has been misdiagnosed with another illness when he or she had RSV, you may be able to bring an RSV misdiagnosis lawsuit. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a contagious virus that impacts the ability of the body to function properly. In severe cases, respiratory problems can lead...

doctor who made a mistake
17 Oct, 2022

How to Sue for Anesthesia Errors

Suing for anesthesia errors involves filing the necessary legal documents and proving that anesthesiologist negligence led to your injury. Anesthesia errors frequently contribute to medical malpractice, accounting for many injuries and fatalities yearly. If you are a victim, you can sue for anesthesia errors and recover compensation for your losses. ...

Medical Malpractice (Newspaper Headline)
31 Aug, 2022

How to Sue a Private Hospital for Malpractice

To sue a private hospital for malpractice, you must act within the statute of limitations and prove liability. The lawyer determines whether the hospital itself or an independent contractor was negligent. The distinction matters because most doctors who practice or operate at hospitals are not employees of the hospital.  If...

Engineer men wearing uniform accident on machines from work in lathe factory. health and safety concept standards. Helpful and Safety first.
2 Jan, 2022

Workers’ Comp Claims For Injuries from Work Equipment

We have represented farmers, carpenters, workers in the meat packaging industry, police officers, nursing home workers, airline workers, welders, out-of-state workers, and many more in workers' compensation claims throughout Illinois. Our lawyers take an aggressive approach to representing clients and do whatever is necessary to fight against insurance companies. We...

Permanent Total Disability Benefits
20 Dec, 2021

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

What is Permanent Total Disability (PTD)? Unlike permanent partial disability benefits, permanent total disability (PTD) benefits are awarded in situations where an individual has been injured in a workplace accident and is unable to return back to any type of employment. These are common jobs that require certain physical attributes...

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