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Car accidents — An injury from a car accident, which can be caused by something as trivial as the other driver being on the cellphone, can affect your life in many ways. Our lawyers will work to gather evidence in a timely manner and work to make your claim as strong as possible so you can get the benefits you deserve.

Truck accidents — It is critical you seek legal counsel as soon as possible if you or a loved one has been injured in a truck, semi or 18-wheeler accident. We have the investigation skills, knowledge of the law and relationship with medical professionals necessary to help you achieve the best results for your case.

Pedestrian accidents — Are you suffering an injury from a pedestrian or bicycle accident? We are here to assist you in getting the medical treatment necessary to help you recover and will work to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.

DUI accidents — Drunk driving accidents often cause extensive or even life-threatening injuries. If you or a loved one is injured, we will help you get the treatment necessary to properly treat your injuries.

Distracted driving — Drunkenness is not the only cause of injuries. We have tried and won cases involving such behaviors as texting, sleeping and eating supper while driving.

Train accidents — Many accidents happen at crossings and known pathways. Our firm has significant experience handling train accidents and understands what aspects of the claim need to be investigated in order to present the claim in the strongest way possible.

Waterway accidents — Have you been injured on the river, either while working or recreating? Our firm can assist you with your claim by providing aggressive and knowledgeable representation.

Swimming pool accidents — Drownings, especially at public and private swimming pools, are a leading cause of death for children under 10. Too often these deaths are avoidable, with supervision and proper safety precautions.

Catastrophic injuries — If you or a loved one is suffering an injury from a life-threatening accident, you deserve the best possible representation from a competent attorney. We are here to help you get the benefits you deserve. We represent individuals who have been paralyzed and families who have lost loved ones.

Wrongful death — No amount of money can ever justify the loss of a loved one, but monetary compensation can provide the financial security you need to continue your lives. We can help.

Medical negligence — Our lawyers handle all types of medical negligence claims, including situations involving failure to diagnose, failure to properly treat infections, birth injuries and pharmaceutical errors.

Asbestos and mesothelioma — The consequences of asbestos use in construction have meant misery and early death for hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Nursing home negligence — Nursing home abuse and neglect are major problems in Illinois. Many nursing homes are really run by two of state shell corporations, with minimal commitment to residents' well-being. A significant part of our practice is about protecting the rights of seniors and the disabled.

Surgical and emergency room errors — Hospitals and emergency rooms commit unacceptable errors every day, including misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose. These errors lead to serious injury, disability and death. We have represented scores of patients who were injured in surgery, in hospital rooms and in emergency wards.

Brain and spinal injuries — Few medical problems are as complex or as devastating. A significant aspect of our personal injury and medical malpractice caseloads involves persons struggling with serious injuries to the brain, including strokes.

Birth injuries — Because providers were unable to provide the standard of care that people expect, the lives of children are marred by injury or extinguished entirely. It is small consolation, but we will fight to obtain compensation and ensure such mistakes do not recur.

Amputation and disfigurement — Amputation is a common occurrence in personal injury cases. We are familiar with the issue and have won substantial judgments for injured clients.

Farming accidents — Every year thousands of people are hurt by negligent management, poorly designed products, malfunctioning equipment, explosions and fires. When these things happen, Strong Law Offices is there to represent injured individuals and their survivors.

Construction accidents — We aggressively evaluate all construction site actions for potential third-party liability, and will seek recovery from all responsible parties, including machinery manufacturers, the property owner, the developer, the general contractor and any subcontractors.

Slip-and-falls — If you have been injured on a premises because of another person's negligence in property maintenance, we can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Animal attacks and bites — Have you or your child been bitten by another person's animal? Has this resulted in scarring, disfigurement or other serious medical conditions? We can help you file a claim to get benefits for your injury.

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