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6 Jan, 2022

What If My Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied?

Workers' Comp Appeal Process The appeals process for workers' comp cases is complex, so it is important you work with a lawyer who is experienced. There are strict deadlines for making the workers' comp appeal, and failure to abide by those deadlines could compromise the validity of your claim or cause your claim to be dismissed. ​At Strong Law Offices, we handle appeals on a regular basis and are familiar with the deadlines and documentation necessary, and how to prepare a strong case. Our lawyers frequently represent clients on all levels of appeals, including: Arbitrator appeal: An appeal that is an administrative action filed with the Commission for a hearing before an arbitrator to appeal an insurance carrier's wrongful denial...

What If My Workers Comp Claim Is Denied
MMI in Workers' Comp
4 Jan, 2022

What Happens After MMI in Workers’ Comp?

MMI in Workers' Comp First off, it is important to make sure the doctor has formalized those restrictions in writing. After that, you have to decide what to do next. Under Illinois law, your entitlement to TTD, Temporary Total Disability benefits ends when you reach MMI (check the article on...

Illinois Health Care Services Lien Act
4 Jan, 2022

Illinois Health Care Services Lien Act

Calculating liens Pursuant to Health Care Services Lien Act In a case where there is only one lien, the lien holder becomes entitled to up to one-third of the settlement. In the case of multiple lien holders, the maximum amount of money all lien holders who have asserted a lien...

Workers' Compensation Employee Misclassification
4 Jan, 2022

Workers’ Compensation Employee Misclassification

Employee Misclassification Affects Illinois Workers’ Compensation Benefits The Employee Classification Act went into effect in Illinois on January 1, 2008, and sought to "address the practice of misclassifying employees as independent contractors" in the construction field. The Act broadly defined an employee as a worker "performing services" for a construction...

What is Light Duty Work?
3 Jan, 2022

What is Light Duty Work?

Your Light Duty or Modified Duty Slip In order to properly document your work restrictions, you should ask your physician or health care provider to provide you with a copy of a light-duty or modified duty slip. You should provide a copy of the slip to your employer and to...

How Do I Apply for Workers' Comp?
3 Jan, 2022

How Do I Apply for Workers’ Comp?

Applying for Workers' Compensation Many people believe that they only need to give their employer notice that they were hurt to start the workers' compensation process. This is not entirely true. You do need to notify your employer of your work injury or illness, orally or in writing, within 45...

Out-of-State Workers' Compensation
3 Jan, 2022

Out-of-State Workers’ Compensation

Out-of-State Workers' Comp Attorneys We represent workers who do not live or work in Illinois but have been injured in Illinois or have some connection to Illinois jurisdiction in a workers' comp case. For example, we represent airline workers who have been injured on the job (even though the company...

From Demand to Trial
2 Jan, 2022

Steps in a Personal Injury Case

What Are the Steps in a Personal Injury Case? Here are the steps in a personal injury case. Step One: Submitting a Demand Once a demand is submitted more likely than not if liability on behalf of the person causing the injury aka Defendant is clear, an offer will be...

Workers' Comp Claims For Injuries from Work Equipment
2 Jan, 2022

Workers’ Comp Claims For Injuries from Work Equipment

We have represented farmers, carpenters, workers in the meat packaging industry, police officers, nursing home workers, airline workers, welders, out-of-state workers, and many more in workers' compensation claims throughout Illinois. Our lawyers take an aggressive approach to representing clients and do whatever is necessary to fight against insurance companies. We...

Why You Need a Fall Injury Lawyer
2 Jan, 2022

Why You Need a Fall Injury Lawyer

When to Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Fall Defective equipment, such as a ladder, can cause serious injuries if a person's weight is not able to be supported while working at heights. Even falls from small heights such as one or two feet can cause serious ankle or...

Workers' Compensation Eligibility
1 Jan, 2022

Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

Who is Eligible for Workers' Compensation? ​Generally, most workers in Illinois are covered by the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. However, according to the Act, not all workers in the state are covered. The legislation lists the following positions under the definition of employee: Deputy sheriffsPeople who work on behalf of...

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