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6 Jan, 2022

What If My Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied?

Workers' Comp Appeal Process The appeals process for workers' comp cases is complex, so it is important you work with a lawyer who is experienced. There are strict deadlines for making the workers' comp appeal, and failure to abide by those deadlines could compromise the validity of your claim or cause your claim to be dismissed. ​At Strong Law Offices, we handle appeals on a regular basis and are familiar with the deadlines and documentation necessary, and how to prepare a strong case. Our lawyers frequently represent clients on all levels of appeals, including: Arbitrator appeal: An appeal that is an administrative action filed with the Commission for a hearing before an arbitrator to appeal an insurance carrier's wrongful denial...

What If My Workers Comp Claim Is Denied
Disclosing Prior Subsequent Injuries
14 Dec, 2021

What Mistakes Should I Avoid in my Personal Injury Case?

Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Personal Injury Case This will allow the attorney to provide you with the best representation possible and also will prevent unknown surprises to occur in the future. If at all possible, provide your attorney with documentation, or at least a list, of the medical...

14 Dec, 2021

What Is Crashworthiness?​

Crashworthiness Legal Claims Crashworthiness is the science of using vehicle safety systems to prevent or reduce the risk of serious accident injuries. Strong Law Offices looks at all serious motor vehicle accident claims to determine whether the motor vehicle was "crashworthy." For example, our lawyers will ask: Did the vehicle maintain proper...

14 Dec, 2021

State Fund Workers’ Compensation

​Advantages of State Fund Workers' Comp There is considerable debate about which system is most effective for providing workers' compensation insurance. State funds began to emerge in the early 1900s when employers feared that insurance companies may impose excessive premiums and receive unfair profits. What is State Fund Workers' Compensation?...

12 Dec, 2021

What is Offsite Workers’ Comp?

In this case, the woman's job as director of investments' required that she market and promote her employer's business in the local community. In preparation for an annual business expo, she needed to purchase a rug for her employer's booth. As she was on her way to the store to...

11 Dec, 2021

Reporting a Workplace Injury

How Long Do You Have to Report a Workplace Injury? Immediately following the incident, you should take action and notify the employer, most often your direct supervisor or manager. There are certain time restrictions for reporting an accident or reporting symptoms from a repetitive trauma injury. The Illinois Workers' Compensation...

Work Injury
11 Dec, 2021

What to Do After a Work Injury

How Long Do You Have to Report a Work Injury? Most people are unsure of the steps they need to take after being injured at work. In Illinois, you need to tell your employer about the injury within 45 days. Your employer may have other procedures you need to follow....

Workers' compensation for traveling employees
10 Dec, 2021

Workers’ Compensation for Traveling Employees

Workers' Compensation Coverage for Traveling Employees Here are the things to consider when determining whether you may qualify as a traveling employee eligible for worker's compensation. Type of Work Performed The first element to consider is the type of work being performed. If travel is an inherent part of the...

15 Nov, 2021

Common Office Worker Injuries

Office Work Related Injuries Office workers are often working at a computer for several hours a day. This could be typing, entering data, and frequently moving the mouse near the keyboard. Because individuals spend a significant part of their day at a computer, they are more prone to carpal/cubital tunnel...

Driving Distracted Types
6 Sep, 2021

3 Types of Distracted Driving

What Are the Three Types of Distracted Driving? There are three types of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive distractions. Visual Distractions Visual distractions include any activities that take the eyes of drivers off the road. One is visually distracted when grabbing something from his or her bag, watching a video,...

Workers Comp Settlement Agreement
6 Aug, 2021

Workers’ Compensation Settlement Agreement

Read This Before You Sign Your Workers' Comp Settlement Agreement One-Time Settlements Resolving Large Claims Some workers' compensations claims are large enough that the claimant and the insurance company agree upon a one-time settlement instead of benefits that are paid out periodically or as necessary. Insurance companies may offer a...

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