Factors leading to truck crashes

Motorists who travel daily on Illinois’ freeways are probably aware of the dangers of driving near large commercial semitrailers. Just one wrong move by an 18-wheeler traveling at high speeds and a catastrophic multi-car crash could occur. Because of the enormous weight and size of their trucks, commercial semitrailer drivers must undergo full training to … Continue reading Factors leading to truck crashes

Autonomous trucks and trucking industry changes

Illinois drivers may be interested to know about the information released by the American Transportation Research Institute regarding autonomous trucks. According to the report, autonomous trucks will transform the trucking industry by initiating significant regulation reform, producing a new workforce, and improving safety and efficiency. Because automated trucks require human operators, truck drivers will also … Continue reading Autonomous trucks and trucking industry changes

Car Accident Lawyer Peoria IL

Drive Confidently with a Car Accident Lawyer in Peoria IL on Your Side It can be universally agreed on that auto collisions are awful to be involved with. Especially when an accident results in injuries, there’s nothing worse. However, if you were obeying all the rules of the road, why should you be made to … Continue reading Car Accident Lawyer Peoria IL

Auto Accident Lawyer Springfield IL

Make Sure Responsible Parties Pay with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Springfield IL An auto accident is always unexpected and will often have unforeseen consequences. The best-case scenario, your car takes some damage that the negligent party’s insurance company is willing to cover. Conversely, the worst-case scenario, you’re seriously injured with an insurance company unwilling … Continue reading Auto Accident Lawyer Springfield IL

Accident Lawyer Bloomington IL

Find Justice with an Accident Lawyer in Bloomington IL A car sideswiped you when your light was green, and now you’re stuck in the hospital, racking up bills and missing out on work. That hardly seems fair, right? It isn’t, which is why you need representation from an accident lawyer in Bloomington IL you can … Continue reading Accident Lawyer Bloomington IL

Accident Attorney Springfield IL

Find Comfort in an Accident Attorney in Springfield IL Whether driving down country roads or in rush hour traffic, an accident can strike at any moment. Sometimes, accidents can be brought on by the negligence of others, but you’re stuck footing the bill. How does that seem fair? The truth is, it isn’t, which is … Continue reading Accident Attorney Springfield IL

Accident Lawyer Peoria IL

Find an Accident Lawyer in Peoria IL You can Depend On No two car accidents are alike. Some collisions end in minor dents, traded paint and an exchange of insurance info. However, some accidents can be much more severe and can potentially turn deadly. When an accident like this occurs, you need the right people … Continue reading Accident Lawyer Peoria IL

Accident Attorney Peoria IL

After a Bad Crash, an Accident Attorney in Peoria IL Can Help When you spend much of your day to day life in a vehicle, accidents are more likely to occur. However, if you’re not at fault, no one should expect you to take the blame (and the costs). To fight for your rights when … Continue reading Accident Attorney Peoria IL

Where We Have Won

Where We Have Won Car accidents — An injury from a car accident, which can be caused by something as trivial as the other driver being on the cellphone, can affect your life in many ways. Our lawyers will work to gather evidence in a timely manner and work to make your claim as strong … Continue reading Where We Have Won

Wrongful Death

Helping People Who Have Lost A Loved One In A Fatal Accident When you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, the emotional pain can be so overwhelming that it may be difficult to deal with the financial consequences. You may have lost your family’s primary provider. There may be extensive medical … Continue reading Wrongful Death

Maximizing Settlements

Seeking Maximum Compensation In Car And Truck Accident Cases At Strong Law Offices, we work vigorously to pursue large settlements in car, automobile and truck accident cases. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in central Illinois, we can help you maximize your injury settlement. Call our lawyers at 217-727-6164 to schedule … Continue reading Maximizing Settlements

Personal Injury lp

Accident Injury Lawyers Fighting For You In choosing a personal injury lawyer, you want to look for these attributes: A lawyer bold enough to ask for the maximum settlement A lawyer with a track record of significant wins A lawyer who communicates well with you — good “chemistry” We believe Strong Law Offices meets these … Continue reading Personal Injury lp

The CVSA brake inspection event

Illinois drivers who are concerned about road safety may be interested to learn that over 9,500 inspections took place during Brake Safety Day in North America. Almost 2,000 trucks were placed out of commission due to violations during the unannounced event. During the one-day inspection blitz, which was sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, … Continue reading The CVSA brake inspection event