20 Dec, 2021

OSHA Safety Violations

Author Todd A. Strong

When you hire a lawyer to represent your interests in a workplace injury claim, you have an expectation that your attorney will have the knowledge necessary to help you maximize your benefits. At Strong Law Offices, we offer the qualities that you are seeking in an attorney.​

Strong Law Offices is an established law firm that is dedicated to providing quality legal representation for workers throughout Illinois. We do not represent insurance companies, only the injured worker. We take a hands-on approach to working with our clients and believe that everyone deserves strong advocacy. Our attorneys are here to provide step-by-step guidance and to help you maximize your workers’ comp claim.

Inspector, osha, Clipboard.
Inspector, osha, Clipboard.

By understanding whether or not there were violations of rules we can determine the most appropriate strategy to pursue in filing a claim.

​We at Strong Law Offices have years of experience handling a wide range of workers' compensation claims. Our firm has successfully represented hospital workers, workers in the meatpacking industry, farm workers, airline workers, welders, out-of-state workers, and many other workers in on-the-job injury claims.

Our Illinois OSHA safety violations attorneys are committed to protecting your rights, regardless of the complexity of your claim.

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Illinois workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer Todd A. Strong is the founder of Strong Law Offices in Peoria, Illinois. Todd brings considerable legal knowledge, experience, and skill to the table to ensure injured victims throughout the state are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness.