3 Jan, 2022

What is Light Duty Work?

Author Todd A. Strong

Insurance carriers and employers oftentimes attempt to limit their legal responsibility to pay temporary total disability by mandating or requiring that injured workers be forced to work light or modified duty.

​If an employer offers light or modified duty that conforms to the medical work restrictions of the injured worker’s health care providers, the injured worker is required to work light or modified duty or otherwise forfeit temporary total disability benefits.

​A refusal to attempt light duty could result in a suspension of benefits. Likewise, a refusal by the employer to provide light duty requires the insurance carrier to pay temporary total disability benefits while you are still receiving medical care. Learn more about light duty by contacting the workers’ compensation attorneys at Strong Law Offices: 309-688-5297.

Injured Young Worker In Office After Accident
Injured Young Worker In Office After Accident

It is also very important to keep a copy of your current light-duty slip on you at all times while you are working light duty in the event that your employer asks you to exceed your light duty restrictions.

If your employer or supervisor asks you to exceed your light duty restrictions, you should make your supervisor aware of your light duty restrictions and report the violation to Strong Law Offices.

Warehouse worker injures back while lifting boxes.

How Long Can You Be on Light Duty?

​After a work accident, the experienced workers' compensation lawyers at Strong Law Offices can help you obtain the appropriate benefits and remedies under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. This may include helping you understand your light or modified duty work restrictions.

​Contact our lawyers at 309-688-5297 to schedule a free initial consultation from our Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, or Chicago offices. We are also available to meet at your home or at the hospital by request.

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