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If you are unable to work due to an on-the-job injury, you deserve aggressive and competent representation from a lawyer who will stand up for you and help you get the benefits you deserve by establishing a strong workers' compensation claim. You and your family know firsthand the hardships involved in a permanent injury, and the attorneys at our firm will stand up for your rights.

Strong Law Offices is here to help you obtain the workers' compensation benefits you deserve. Our law firm serves injured individuals from our offices in Peoria, Springfield, Bloomington and Decatur, by providing honest, assertive and competent representation. We will help you find the immediate and long-term resources necessary to provide for your family, and file your workers' comp claim on your behalf.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits in Illinois

Unlike permanent partial disability benefits, permanent total disability (PTD) benefits are awarded in situations where an individual has been injured in a workplace accident and is unable to return back to any type of employment. These are commonly jobs that require certain physical attributes and require a range of motion or frequent heavy lifting, such as jobs in the construction industry or ironworkers.

These benefits are awarded based on two different types of situations. It could be awarded based on a statutory situation, where the determination is commonly based on a doctor's recommendation. It could also be awarded based on situations where the individual has completed rehabilitation, completed a job search, and it is deemed that the individual is unable to find work. The individual's past job history, education, ability to read and write, age, and permanent work restrictions among other factors are all considered when determining whether or not the injured worker qualifies for an odd lot total permanent disability award.

How Much Will I Get?

If awarded permanent total disability benefits, you will receive two-thirds of your gross wages, tax-free, for the remainder of your lifetime. This excludes things such as commission pay and overtime. In order to determine an accurate calculation, it is imperative you work with a lawyer who will advocate for your best interests. Our Springfield permanent disability lawyers will gather the information necessary to demonstrate the impact of injury on your ability to work in order to maximize your workers' comp settlement and get you the benefits you are entitled to. The Rate Adjustment Fund maintained by the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission is also available for claimants who have been awarded lifetime permanent total disability benefits. These award recipients may be able to apply for an increase in their benefit rate in certain circumstances.

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