The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Workers’ Comp Claims

When a job-related illness or injury is sustained by an employee, the need for benefits such as those provided by workers’ compensation can be real.

Illinois workers in any industry and any job type can find themselves in need of workers' compensation. This may happen due to the contraction of a work-related disease or illness or due to an accident that happened on the job. No matter what the reason, when benefits are needed, getting professional help from the beginning can make a big difference. Too many people try to file workers' compensation claims on their own, only to experience denials and delays along the way.

Denied Claims Can and Do Happen

Even the simplest situation can end up being a complicated workers' compensation claim. According to PayScale, there are a few things that tend to be involved in claim denials more frequently than other things. These include:

  • Getting medical help from a provider outside of the intended network

  • Injuries that are considered to be unrelated to employment

  • Lack of reporting injuries within the designated timeframe

  • Pre-existing conditions that may be deemed the cause of the problem

  • Insufficient information given to health care providers that prevents future issues from being covered


The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission adds that in some cases, there can be difficulties in connecting the relationship between a specific event and a particular injury or illness. An experienced workers' compensation attorney is familiar with these challenges and can help injured workers take the appropriate steps to lower their risk of a claim denial.

Prompt Reporting and Accurate Processes Matter

Accidents and injuries related to a person's job should be reported within a maximum of 45 days according to the IWCC. Diseases are to be reported as soon as they are known about. Exposure to radiation must be reported within 90 days after discovery.

In addition to making the original report in a timely fashion, employees must be careful to follow all processes exactly when filing a claim with the Commission. Claims can be filed with the Commission if there is a dispute between the employee and the employer. However, lack of following the outlined processes may result in the lack of assistance from the Commission. By seeking legal help as soon as possible, people can make sure that they understand how these processes work and avoid making costly mistakes.

How Legal Representation Has Helped Other People

Many employees fear being fired or experiencing other acts of retaliation if they file for workers' compensation. Getting legal help can give these employees protection from such actions. It can also be beneficial in cases where employers do not agree with the need for a claim to be filed, when claim denials are received and when extensive injuries are involved.

Complicated cases such as those involving long-term disabilities or disputes between workers and employers require exceptional attention to detail and knowledge of the law. An experienced workers' compensation attorney in Peoria can offer this to employees in their time of need.