Helping You Obtain Maximum Workers' Compensation Benefits

At Strong Law Offices, we understand the physical, emotional and financial stress which can be caused by a serious work injury. We know that workers' compensation benefits may not fully compensate you and your family for your losses. We know that you need and deserve to receive every possible dollar you can from the workers' compensation insurance company. That is why we work so hard to help you maximize your workers' comp settlement.

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Demonstrating the Impact of a Work Injury

One of the ways in which our lawyers help injured workers maximize their workers' comp settlements is obtaining the information and evidence needed to show how a serious injury has affected the employee's life.

Our attorneys make sure we obtain the records and reports needed to prove liability and damages in a workers' compensation case:

  • Medical records and doctor reports can be important for establishing that an injury is work-related, helping you get the medical treatment you need, obtaining authorization for surgery, rebutting claims of pre-existing conditions and demonstrating the need for future work restrictions, physical exams and medical treatment or permanent total disability.

  • Investigative records can include witness statements, accident reports, accident reconstruction reports and depositions.

  • Wage and employment records are important for proving the employee's wage at the time of the injury. In order to maximize wage loss benefits we verify that the employee's weekly wage is correctly calculated and overtime wages and income from a second job are included, when appropriate.

  • We research and obtain the appropriate expert medical and vocational testimony to support and maximize your workers' compensation benefits.


We believe that one of the most important things we do to maximize the amount of a workers' compensation settlement is to translate complicated evidence into easily understandable language.

We hire videographers to create day-in-the-life videos to show the effect an injury has had on an employee's everyday activities. Graphic artists and other professionals provide us with visual aids such as charts, slides, accident scene reconstructions and other demonstrative evidence to help explain how the accident or injury happened, and communicate how the injury will affect a person for the rest of their life.

Fighting for All the Workers' Compensation Benefits You Deserve

At Strong Law Offices, we fight to help injured workers receive all of the workers' comp benefits to which they are entitled, including:

  • Vocational rehabilitation — When an employee can't return to his or her old job because of the work injury, we will aggressively pursue retraining and education options to return the employee to a high-paying position.

  • Lifetime medical benefits — Some employees may be entitled to lifetime medical benefits.

  • Permanent partial disability settlement — When an employee has a permanent disability, they are entitled to benefits based on the mathematical percentage of legal disability. The amount of disability to a body part is determined by the effect on the employee's regular occupation as well as its effect on his or her home and social life. Our attorneys are skilled at communicating the full effect of a disability, in order to maximize the percentage of disability and increase the amount of the PPD settlement.

  • Wage differential award — When an employee can't return to his or her old job and earns less in a new job because of their work-related disability, he or she may be entitled to a lifetime award of wage loss benefits. A wage differential award compensates an employee for the difference between his wage at the time of the injury and the wage he or she is able to currently earn.

  • Permanent total disability benefit — When a worker is permanently and totally disabled because of a work injury, he or she may be entitled to permanent total disability (PTD) benefits. PTD benefits are a weekly wage loss benefit paid for life.


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