2 Jan, 2022

Why You Need a Fall Injury Lawyer

Author Todd A. Strong
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Injuries from falls, i.e. working at heights can cause back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries and other serious injuries that can require a significant amount of recovery time. While you are unable to work, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Our lawyers are here to help you through this process. Our office can assist in falls from cranes or scaffolds. Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall events often cause workplace injuries. Our office investigates all aspects of the fall to determine whether a third-party claim can be brought for personal injuries and pain and suffering.

​Strong Law Offices has a long-standing reputation for providing quality legal services for people throughout Central Illinois. Our firm is exclusively dedicated to helping people who have been injured in workplace accidents. We do not represent insurance companies or large corporations.

We make it a priority to stay up to date with the law so we can provide the best possible representation for our clients. Factories, construction sites, nursing homes, or crowded hospitals are locations where falls in the workplace occur with great frequency. Our office is familiar with work sites, and often visit or inspect the job site to develop a clear understanding of the fall.

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When to Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Fall

Defective equipment, such as a ladder, can cause serious injuries if a person's weight is not able to be supported while working at heights. Even falls from small heights such as one or two feet can cause serious ankle or foot injuries. Slick or uneven surfaces as well as other hazards in the workplace can cause serious injury.

It is important you have a lawyer on your side who can protect your interests against the insurance company. We have represented people throughout Illinois in accidents involving:

  • Falls from heights
  • Falls from ladders
  • Falls from structures
  • Falls from scaffolding
  • Falls at construction sites
Why You Need a Fall Injury Lawyer

At Strong Law Offices, we pledge commitment to every client. We take a proactive approach to representing our clients and do not back down to a challenge with the insurance company. We make certain that our clients receive access to medical care and their choice of physicians. Our goal is to help our clients get the maximum amount of benefits to which they are entitled.

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