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Ankle injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents

A person who slips and falls while in a Peoria store or a restaurant could be at risk for suffering serious ankle injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury, the person could have trouble with temporary or permanent limited mobility and severe pain, making it difficult to get around and potentially even preventing him or her from working or being involved in normal activities.

There are three major types of ankle injuries a person can suffer. For example, a person can suffer fractures in one or more of the three bones that make up the ankle, which could prevent the injured person from being able to walk normally or unassisted. The ligaments or tendons could be stretched or otherwise injured, causing pain to the foot. Finally, the tendons or ligaments could actually be torn, causing the ankle joint to be weak or unstable. A person can suffer one type of injury or multiple different types.

During slip-and-fall accidents, ankles are often injured as slipping or tripping can cause the ankle to roll or twist, resulting in damages to the joint. Tripping over an object can also cause the joint to become hyperextended, leading to possible tears or strains.

Although ankle injuries are not always thought to be serious, they can severely limit a person's mobility, be painful and require months of recovery. In many cases, slip-and-fall accidents can be caused by poorly maintained premises. If a property owner failed to make the premises safe for patrons, did not keep the property up to code or failed to provide adequate warnings for hazards that could not be mitigated, an attorney representing an injured victim might find it advisable to file a lawsuit against the owner based on premises liability.

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