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Children's lives are at the mercy of medical professionals' ability to perform on a given day. Because providers are sometimes unable to provide the standard of care that people expect, the lives of these children are marred by injury or extinguished entirely.

Aggressive Springfield Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

At Strong Law Offices, we have the greatest respect for medical professionals, most of whom work very hard at a high level of quality. But when mistakes occur because of negligence, victims and surviving family members are entitled to seek compensation for their loss.

These are some of the nonfatal problems we have received positive judgments in cases involving medical malpractice:

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Erb's palsy

  • Hypoxic injuries

  • Shoulder dystocia

  • Ruptured uterus

  • Lacerations

  • Forceps injuries


Doctors often fail to order a cesarean section in a timely manner. Babies caught in the umbilical cord sometimes go untreated. Nursing stations sometimes fail to properly monitor newborns or to respond to unusual bleeding. Fetal distress goes unnoticed. Newborns and mothers are subjected to some of the same negative events that injure other patients: the wrong drug or the wrong dose, misdiagnosis, operation on the wrong body part.

Attorneys Seeking Compensation for Needless Birth Trauma

If a medical professional has inflicted trauma on your child, hire a lawyer whom you know will stand up and demand maximum compensation. Strong Law Offices knows medical malpractice, knows the court system, and knows judges and (when they become necessary) juries.

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