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Have you been injured on the job? Are you worried about getting treated fairly by the insurance company? Do you need help filing your claim? Are you looking for aggressive and committed legal representation?

We can help. Strong Law Offices is committed to helping those who have been injured in negligent accidents file workers' compensation and personal injury claims throughout Illinois. At our firm, we only represent injured people. We never side with the insurance company. Because our practice is focused, we have the knowledge base and resources necessary to assist you in maximizing compensation for your claim.

Illinois Factory Injury Attorneys

Factory, industrial and construction workers are in an environment that requires constant and continuous use of their arms, hands and fingers. Operating large pieces of machinery requires lifting and pulling that can strain your body. Many times, this can result in injuries such as repetitive trauma injuries, carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome, and neck and spine injuries.

These cases can be hard to prove, but we have the experience, knowledge and resource base necessary to help you in maximizing your claim. We understand how to ask pertinent questions, such as:

  • How much were you lifting?

  • How often were you repeating the motion?

  • What was the environment like at the time of the accident?

  • Was the mechanism intact where the accident occurred?

  • When did the injury or condition manifest itself?

  • When did you start noticing symptoms?

  • Have you sought medical treatment and was a diagnosis made?

  • How, when and where did you report your symptoms?

  • Do you have any other congenital or non work-related factors that an insurance carrier could argue are the cause of your symptoms?


Injuries to Construction Workers

Construction accidents are often more complex because they involve many companies, including contractors and subcontractors. One of the first elements we must determine when handling these claims is to establish who is at fault for the injury. If other parties are involved, we may even be able to file a third-party claim.

We have extensive experience handling construction injuries, and completely understand how to take action to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injury. Our firm often works with individuals suffering injuries, such as repetitive trauma injuries, knee injuries, back and neck injuries, shoulder injuries and catastrophic injuries. If you have been hurt, take action today and contact our firm.

We Know the Construction Industry

Work accidents occurring on a construction site often times can result in complex litigation pursuing third-party responsibility. Strong Law Offices thoroughly examines the facts and circumstances of your work accident to determine whether or not a viable claim can be made against other potentially responsible parties or individuals. Strong Law Offices has access to construction experts from all types of fields including architects, engineers, construction managers or other fields to thoroughly access the standards for the industry in order to safely perform the construction task. Strong Law Offices has personally reviewed multiple construction sites, and interviewed countless construction workers to develop a wide bank of knowledge of the construction industry and its work practices. This bank of knowledge greatly assists in determining whether or not someone or some entity is potentially responsible for our client's injuries.

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