Meatpacking Accident Lawyers

The steps that a person has to take after a workplace accident are not always straightforward. If you are injured, you know that you need medical treatment. The process of getting treatment from a physician of your choice and getting the medical benefits you deserve can seem overwhelming without guidance.

At Strong Law Offices, we will help you through every step of the process. Our Illinois law firm is committed to providing high-quality legal representation for clients. We are entirely focused on handling workers' comp claims and only represent the injured worker. We never side with the insurance company. Our attorneys will have your best interests in mind at all times.

Meat cutters, butchers and hog farm employment present very dangerous places to work. Repetitive trauma injuries to the hands, arms and shoulders are very common in this industry. Our office has handled numerous such claims for carpel tunnel, cubital tunnel and shoulder impingement injuries.

Lawyers Who Understand Your Injury

Meat packers work in a high-stress environment and often use tools that require significant gripping and grasping. These types of repeated motions can cause significant strain on the body and lead to an injury. If you have been hurt on the job, it is important to have a lawyer on your side. This is where Strong Law Offices step in.

Our meatpacking and hog farm accident attorneys have represented workers facing a wide range of injuries, including repetitive motion/trauma injuries, crush injuries, back injuries, injuries from exposure to toxic chemicals and more. Our attorneys know the unique challenges that injured workers face, and are here to provide step-by-step support and guidance.

Benefit of Working With Strong Law Offices

When you work with Strong Law Offices, you have the benefit of knowing that a skilled and experienced team will be working on your claim. We utilize all available resources to help prove the extent of our clients' injuries. Our lawyers also have a comprehensive understanding of the medical aspects of a case, which allows us to speak authoritatively with other medical professionals and in the courtroom.

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