Semitractor-Trailer Truck Accidents

Semitractor-trailer truck accidents can be devastating due to the large nature and weight of these trucks. Accidents involving trucks can cause severe injury, wrongful death and multiple traumas.

Strong Law Offices investigates all injury claims involving truck accidents for negligence and/or violation of motor vehicle codes, state law and federal regulations.

Truck accident claims may involve:

  • Faulty truck maintenance

  • Bad brakes on semi tractor-trailer trucks

  • Big tire blowouts

  • Improperly loaded or secured truckloads

  • Jackknife accidents

  • Speeding trucks

  • Tractor-trailer accidents on interstates

  • Under ride accidents


Insurance Companies Act Quickly After Truck Accidents

Truck accident claims can involve serious and complex litigation. Trucks or semi tractor-trailer rigs can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Occupants of a 4,000-pound passenger car have little chance to escape serious injury on impact. Given the serious potential of large commercial vehicles, the minimum insurance required for commercial trucks over 10,000 pounds and subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations is oftentimes much higher than standard motor vehicle policy limits.

Given the propensity for serious injury and wrongful death arising from truck accidents, most insurance carriers or large self-insured trucking companies have quick response teams on the site of the accident in 24 hours or less. Large insurance companies that insure semi tractor-trailer trucks or large self-insured trucking companies oftentimes send expert witnesses to the scene to shepherd the evidence or forensics in a manner that may be most favorable to the trucking company.

So Do We

It is important to immediately investigate truck accident claims as soon as practical. Having your own expert or experienced lawyer at a truck accident scene is vital to preserving as much evidence as possible as to the cause of the defect, cause of the injury, negligence of the driver, faulty mechanical defect of the truck itself, faulty loading of the truck, or any other potential cause that may have led to the motor vehicle accident and serious personal injury.

At Strong Law Offices, our attorneys act quickly to investigate accidents to determine what happened and who is accountable.

Oftentimes, multiple parties are involved. For example, if a truck accident was approximately caused by a faultily secured load, the trucking company driver or driver itself may not have actually loaded or secured the load and an outside entity may need to be investigated. Our office has handled numerous truck accident claims and will work vigorously to provide strong legal representation involving truck accident claims.

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