Compensation for Waterway Accident Victims

Accidents occur everywhere, including our rivers and lakes. In Illinois two main kinds of accidents happen, involving boats and barges. Other accidents may involve water skiers or Jet Ski-type recreational vehicles. Boat operators are sometimes intoxicated, and show poor judgment on the water. Barge accidents are much more serious, and often end in a wrongful death case.

Waterway accidents are particularly complex because of the nature of the type of accident, as well as the difficulty in preserving evidence from the scene. There are many different boating regulations and safety measures that must be followed, and it takes the skill of an experienced lawyer to successfully handle these claims.

Protecting the Rights of Injured People — Illinois Waterway Accidents Attorneys

Principal attorney Todd Strong grew up on the waterway and is highly knowledgeable of the boating laws in Illinois. Strong Law Offices can handle a wide variety of boating accidents, including situations where boats have flipped, situations involving Jet Skis and BUI (boating under the influence) cases. Strong Law Offices understands how to evaluate all aspects of the claim, including:

  • Safety devices

  • Life preservers on board

  • Lighting on boats

  • Coast Guard regulations

  • Drug or alcohol involvement

  • Speed of the boat at the time of impact


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