Compensation for Amputation Injury Victims

Some personal injury cases involve injuries so severe that they require a lawyer with deep experience and knowledge of the medical problems. Amputations, burns and disfigurements fit this description.

Seeking Maximum Compensation for Your Serious Injury

Amputation of a leg, arm, foot, hand, toe or finger may occur during an accident or afterward, if the limb is too damaged to save.

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Springfield and Peoria Amputation Injury Lawyers

Amputation occurs in many situations: in a car or truck crash, in an airplane crash, or while riding a bicycle or motorcycle. Amputations can also occur after pedestrian accidents or because of injuries sustained in fires. People lose limbs on the farm, in construction and on other work sites (which may result in a workers' compensation case).

At Strong Law Offices, our attorneys work to bring you compensation for the life changes imposed by the amputation of a limb. This includes your ability to work, the need for medical care today and in the future, and the traumatic stress caused by losing a part of your body.


A Better Life for You Despite Disfigurement

If you have been disfigured in a fire, here are some rules to follow to support your claims. If you can't do this yourself, have a friend do it for you:

  • Preserve the evidence. Take pictures of the accident scene. Make a video. Document what happened before you clean up.

  • Don't talk to insurance investigators. Tell them to talk to your lawyer. Family members should bar these people from seeing you.

  • Document your wounds. Take pictures or make a video of the burns immediately, and do this on a regular basis throughout the recovery process. Judges need to see what happened to you.


Peoria and Springfield Burn Injury Lawyers

Our Peoria-based law firm is sympathetic to your loss. We know that now is no time to provide "business as usual" service. Mindful of the seriousness of your injuries, we make every effort to serve you as diligently as we can. We stay "up to speed" on developments in personal injury law to win the maximum compensation for you.

We Confront the Negligent Party With Your Suffering

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