Representing Victims of Amputation Work Injuries

Suffering from an injury that has resulted in an amputation affects your life in every way possible. Your day-to-day activities are affected, as are your family and your career. While no amount of money can justify a negligent or job-related accident, monetary compensation will ensure you and your family's financial security in the future.

At Strong Law Offices, we will stand up for your rights. Our firm serves individuals throughout Illinois in workers' compensation claims and personal injury claims. We represent our clients with vigorous advocacy and make sure that they receive the benefits they deserve for an injury or loss. Not only are we dedicated to our clients, we make certain they receive the short- and long-term care necessary to recover. If you value commitment and assertiveness, come to our firm.

What Am I Entitled To Receive?

For amputees, there is typically a statutory award that must be paid out immediately. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will not do that. For this reason, it is all the more important to seek legal counsel immediately. If statutory amputation awards are not paid out immediately, the insurance carrier may be subjected to a 50-percent increase in the award pursuant to Section 19(k) penalties and attorney's fees under Section 16 of the Workers' Compensation Act.

Our Peoria permanent disability attorneys make it a priority to work promptly so that our clients can receive the compensation they deserve as quickly as possible. We will utilize our resources and try to elevate your case to make certain you get the maximum amount of workers' compensation benefits possible. This may include a wage-loss award, lifetime disability award or even a total disability award. We are prepared to assist you if you have suffered a loss of a limb on the job, such as loss of a/an:

  • Ear

  • Arm

  • Foot

  • Hand

  • Leg

  • Finger


In addition, amputations oftentimes require lifetime medical benefits for replacements, repair or upgrades in prosthetics. Also, Strong Law Offices will vigorously pursue handicap home replacement, handicap home upgrades and/or handicap-accessible vehicles in the event that an amputation necessitates such future medical care.

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