Seeking Compensation for Victims of Corporate Negligence

In the rush for profits, corporations sometimes take shortcuts. When developing and marketing products, they may ignore certain data, misrepresent the effectiveness of products or even produce false documentation regarding performance.

At Strong Law Offices, we are committed to holding negligent corporations and tortfeasors responsible for their actions. Our firm handles a wide range of mass tort cases involving:

Defective drugs and medical devices — We seek full compensation for people who have been harmed by:


Volkswagen diesel emission claims — Do you own a Volkswagen diesel vehicle implicated in the emissions scandal? You may be entitled to compensation.

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A Nationwide Team Seeking Results for You

In mass tort cases, Strong Law Offices often teams with other law firms, medical professionals and technical experts from across the nation. This team works diligently to uncover important facts and establish liability in such cases.

Though much of the technical investigations and courtroom activity in mass tort cases occurs outside our region, we are your local representatives, advocating for you, protecting your rights and keeping you informed. Our goal will be to obtain the best possible award or settlement for you.

The Benefits of Multi-district Litigation

Most mass tort cases are resolved through a process known as Multi-district Litigation (MDL). This process consolidates cases across the nation for the purpose of scientific investigation, discovery and cross-examination of expert witnesses, so that liability can be properly assigned to the responsible parties. MDL has significant benefits for you, as an individual plaintiff. It enables the court to efficiently evaluate scientific evidence and spreads investigative and litigation costs across hundreds or even thousands of cases.

It is important to note that with MDL, your claim retains its unique character. Our compensation demand will include your specific financial losses, pain and suffering, and other economic and non-economic losses. As local attorneys serving Central Illinois, we will be able to provide you with attentive, responsive and compassionate service, as well as vigorous representation. You will have an entire team of attorneys, scientific experts and legal professionals working diligently on your behalf.

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