Lawyers Representing Injured Farm Workers

In addition to dealing with livestock, people who work in the farming industry work with heavy machinery on a daily basis. Your employer may be held liable if you are injured on the job, and you can recover compensation through filing an injury claim. Our experienced attorneys are here to walk you through this process and seek the maximum amount of compensation on your behalf.

We are the team at Strong Law Offices, and we represent injured workers throughout Central Illinois in workers' compensation and personal injury claims. We take an aggressive stance against the insurance company and fight to get our clients the maximum amount of benefits and compensation possible.

Farmers' and Workers' Comp Claims

In Illinois, farm workers are exempt under workers' compensation insurance. However, you are still able to recover compensation for your workplace accident when your employer or another employee of the farmer is negligent. Your work accident claim will be treated just like a personal injury case. Our attorneys will also evaluate your claim to determine if there was negligence by a third party. If so, we can file a damages claim for additional compensation. Farming accidents and injuries can be severe.

Failure to train or provide for a safe work environment, taking shortcuts in safety or removal of safeguards in equipment can lead to major injury. We at Strong Law Offices investigate how the accident occurred and what negligent acts or omissions approximately caused the injury. We have handled many claims against many types of farms such as hog farms, cattle farms, wind farms, windmill construction, irrigation or drainage operations, chemical or fertilizer exposure, and commercial farms.

When handling an accident at a farming operation, it is very important to look at and investigate the nature of the farming operation. If the farming operation is not purely of a farming nature, it is possible that the Illinois work injury laws will apply and the farmer will lose the protection of the farmer's exemption to workers' compensation claims — for example, if the farm is being operated for a dual purpose such as a trucking operation.

Lawyers Advocating for Injured Farm Workers

Our Illinois farm worker accident attorneys have helped people suffering a wide range of injuries from situations involving:

  • Negligent handling of livestock

  • Defective farm equipment

  • Exposure to toxic chemicals

  • Exposure to fertilizer

  • Negligent inspections of work equipment

  • Failure to provide proper safety equipment


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