Airline Worker Accident Lawyers

An injury will prevent you from being able to perform your job to the fullest. Some injuries can prevent you from being able to work at all. If you are an airline worker who has been injured in Illinois, the lawyers at our firm will represent your interests in a claim.

Our firm is focused on representing the injured worker. At Strong Law Offices, we do not represent insurance companies or large corporations. Our goal is to help our clients maximize their benefits in a workers' comp case and provide personalized, high-quality representation at all times.

Experienced Workers' Comp Lawyers for Injured Airline Workers

Our firm has filed claims against large airlines and been successful in representing pilots, airline stewards and stewardesses, and other workers who have suffered a wide range of injuries, including:

  • Head, neck and shoulder injuries

  • Injuries from turbulence

  • Injuries sustained in airport terminals

  • Injuries from defective equipment


Our firm represents workers of Illinois-based airlines as well as all other airlines. If you have been injured in Illinois (even if you work for a company based elsewhere) you can get Illinois workers' compensation benefits. Compared to other states, the benefits in Illinois are very generous. Talk to an Illinois airline worker accident attorney at our firm to learn more.

We can represent airline workers from all parts of the country or world. The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission has jurisdiction to hear any claims where the contract for hire occurred in Illinois. If the airline was based in Illinois and the airline employee's contract for hire was completed in Illinois, then the injured worker has the right to file a claim in Illinois and seek benefits under Illinois law. The key to the investigation and determination is where the last act necessary to complete the employment relationship occurred. We investigate personnel files, union contracts and other documents to determine if a claim can be brought in Illinois for an airline worker.

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