Helping Workers Who Have Been Injured

If your workers' comp claim has been denied or delayed by the insurance company, you need someone on your side who will stand up for you and advocate for your best interests. At our firm, we are prepared to advocate for your best interests and work to make sure you get the benefits you deserve for your workplace injury.

At Strong Law Offices, we only represent the injured worker, never the insurance company. Our firm is dedicated to assisting clients navigating through the complex workers' comp system and get the best possible outcome for their situation.

Peoria Workers' Compensation Attorneys

From our Illinois offices in Peoria, Springfield, Bloomington and Decatur, we help our clients with workers' comp claims involving particular situations that fall under the Illinois workers' comp rules, including:

  • Reporting an injury and filing a claim: The process for reporting a workplace injury is an essential part of building a strong workers' comp claim. We explain the process and why it is important to seek assistance from a lawyer before filing a claim on your own.

  • Why hire an attorney for your claim?: The legal team at Strong Law Offices is here to help you maximize your claim and ensure that the insurance company does not get away with the delay and deny tactic it often uses. Find out all the benefits to working with legal counsel on this page. Strong Law Offices will assist you in providing the insurance carrier with the appropriate documentation to support your claim. Strong Law Offices will assist you in getting your medical bills paid and obtain the weekly benefits you deserve. Strong Law Offices will also fight for appropriate access to quality medical care. Strong Law Offices will coordinate all correspondence with the insurance carrier or its attorney so that you do not need to be burdened with this or to inadvertently give potentially damaging information to the insurance carrier.

  • Penalties for nonpayment: If your employer or the insurance company has missed the deadline for a benefits award, you may be able to seek compensatory damages. We can evaluate your case and determine if you are eligible to pursue this route. Sometimes the insurance carrier can be penalized for up to 50 percent of the unpaid award or related medical expense if there has been a willful and vexatious denial or delay. Insurance carriers are also subject to a penalty of $30 per day for late temporary total disability payments. Strong Law Offices aggressively pursues penalties when an insurance carrier has wrongfully denied benefits.

  • Workers' comp appeals process: If your claim has been denied, we can evaluate your situation and appeal your claim on all appellate levels. Our attorneys are experienced in handling appeals and will work to gather all necessary information in order to prove the effect of your injuries on your ability to work.

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