Workers' Compensation Attorneys Representing State Employees

An injury in the workplace affects your life in more than one way. It can affect your ability to provide for your family, your day-to-day activities and your ability to pursue certain careers. If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a workplace accident, the attorneys at our firm will assist you in recovering compensation for your injury.

At Strong Law Offices, we represent individuals suffering injuries in the workplace throughout the state of Illinois in workers' compensation claims. The attorneys take an aggressive, yet compassionate approach to working with clients and are readily available to answer your questions. If you value experienced legal counsel, come to our firm.

Illinois State and Other Governmental Workers Accident Claim Lawyers

From our Springfield office, we frequently represent state and other governmental workers in workers' compensation claims. In some cases, claims must be very specific when involving state workers and require the knowledge of an experienced attorney. The rules and procedures when filing a workers' compensation claim against the state and certain governmental agencies are different.

There are different notice requirements, and there are different procedural rules pertaining to the appeal against a state agency. Claims against the government often face defenses such as Governmental Tort Immunity, that are not otherwise available to nongovernmental employers or at fault parties.

Claims against the state or governmental entities are often times delayed due to budgetary constraints. Strong Law Offices will work hard to enforce timely payment of any settlement or awards for state or other governmental workers. Because our office is located near the state capitol, we have significant experience in handling these claims.


We recognize the key components of the claim from a legal standpoint and recognize what our clients' biggest concerns are.

The attorneys at our firm will work hard to make sure that your claim is filed as quickly as possible, to ensure you receive the medical treatment necessary to get on the road to recovery and to maximize the amount your claim is worth.


We handle a variety of claims involving accidents with state and other governmental workers, including:

  • Workplace accidents: Including broken bones, fractures, head injuries, and neck and spine injuries. These can be caused by accidents such as falling off ladders, injuries from improper stacking of boxes, slip-and-falls, or injuries from faulty equipment.

  • Repetitive motion injuries: Including repetitive trauma injuries such as carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome. This can be caused from forceful gripping or grasping, or frequent and excessive use of a computer for typing or data entry, or other administrative tasks.


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