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No matter how serious or minor your workplace injury may be, you likely have questions about the types of benefits you are entitled to. You will want to know what benefits are available and how you can maximize the amount you receive. At our firm, we can help you with this process.

Strong Law Offices has offices in Peoria, Springfield, Bloomington and Decatur, and represents injured workers in workers' comp claims throughout the state of Illinois. Our attorneys are experienced, competent and dedicated to clients.

Benefits in workers' comp can be awarded through the following awards:

  • Permanent total disability: Awarded to an individual who is permanently disabled and unable to return to the workplace. These are awarded on a weekly basis for life.

  • Permanent partial disability: Awarded to individuals suffering an injury from a workplace accident, where the award is based on a mathematical percentage of the legal disability. Permanent injury and permanent work restrictions are often times considered when determining the nature and extent of a worker's injury.

  • Wage loss/wage differential: Qualifications for wage loss, also called wage differential, are based on the individual's earning capacity prior to the accident and post-injury. This award will compensate for the differences in earning capacity over the course of an individual's lifetime or the duration of disability.

  • Lifetime medical benefits: These benefits may be awarded to those who have suffered a serious injury, where the person is awarded lifetime medical care for the work-related injury.


At our firm, we take time to help educate you about the benefits available in workers' comp claims and answer any and all questions you may have. Our Peoria workers' comp benefits lawyers will help educate you about the different benefits you may be entitled to and how those benefits will affect your new earning capacity.

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